Our Mission

is to educate, inspire, and be an example of simple, holistic living, that cultivates a lifetime of health and happiness.

Food is powerful. It has the power to nourish and heal. It has the power to cause sickness and disease.

The key that unlocks a lifetime of health begins in your kitchen. Fill it with things that have not been chemically altered or processed. Make meals together with minimal ingredients and an abundance of love.

Go Organic & Non-GMO. Keep a small garden. Make more from scratch.

Vitality is achieved day by day from small, intentional choices.

Here are some recipes from my kitchen to yours.

Lastest Articles

Healthy Coconut Popsicles Recipe

When the heat turns up and fruit are in peak season, I get so excited to make new popsicle recipes for my family. Today I have a healthy coconut popsicles recipe for you! I love using coconut milk as a base for popsicles because it’s so creamy. It almost feels like...

10 Beach Essentials You Didn’t Know You Need

Summertime is for going to the beach. At least it is in our household! Whether you are an avid beach goer like us, or just getting your feet wet for a family vacation, I am positive this list of beach essentials will not only improve your experience but get you doing...

Brutally Honest Mamaroo Review: Is It Worth It?

This Mamaroo review will provide honest feedback on the popular baby item, so you can decide if it is the right choice for your new baby. We will focus on four aspects of the Mamaroo that makes it different from other infant swings: size, weight, movement, & music...

Toddler Approved Spinach and Banana Smoothie

Spinach and banana smoothies are the perfect way to get a ton of nutrition in a picky toddler. Not only are they easy to make but green smoothies taste delicious. Today I am going to share my favorite morning smoothie recipe. We make this at least twice a week to get...

Best Home Remedies for Fever Management

It has been on my mind lately to write about home remedies for fever. Fever phobia is rampant among the medical community which has now trickled into our homes (source). It seems that at the slightest spike in temperature, the imminent response from both parents and...

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