Our Mission

is to educate, inspire, and be an example of simple, holistic living, that cultivates a lifetime of health and happiness.

Food is powerful. It has the power to nourish and heal. It has the power to cause sickness and disease.

The key that unlocks a lifetime of health begins in your kitchen. Fill it with things that have not been chemically altered or processed. Make meals together with minimal ingredients and an abundance of love.

Go Organic & Non-GMO. Keep a small garden. Make more from scratch.

Vitality is achieved day by day from small, intentional choices.

Here are some recipes from my kitchen to yours.

Lastest Articles

Easy DIY Padsicles for Quick Postpartum Recovery

One of my absolute favorite postpartum home remedies is the padsicle. I would love to meet the women who coined the term because it's absolutely genius! A padsicle is essentially a pad turned popsicle, which you should use after a vaginal delivery to soothe your lady...

Best Baby Beach Tent for 2019

If you are a sun-seeking family then a baby beach tent is a must-have for the summer months. Baby beach tents aren't just used at the beach. They can and should be used to protect your baby's delicate skin any time you plan to spend a prolonged time in the direct sun....

Minimalist Baby Registry Ideas for the Bare Essentials

For most new parents, creating a baby registry is an exciting way to prepare for a new arrival. However, if you live a minimalist lifestyle, the thought of filling your home with a bunch of crap you will only use for a short while can really induce some anxiety. A...

How to Detox Children from Vaccines

The topic of vaccinations is a polarizing subject that sorely divides people, even close friends and family.   My belief as a healthcare worker is that all families should be fully informed when making medical decisions for their children. This means you understand...

6 Important Baby Cues that Most New Parents Miss

Your spent nine months planning, preparing, and executing the most perfect nursery (one which puts most Pinterest boards to shame). You read all the baby books, had your birth plan ready to go, and made it through labor like a complete boss-lady goddess. Everything...

Powerful Home Remedies for Weight Loss that Work

If you've been trying to lose weight for a while without success then it's time to make some changes. You might think those changes should solely revolve around diet and exercise. While that is an important part of losing weight, it's not everything. If you are like...

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