Our Mission

is to educate, inspire, and be an example of simple, holistic living, that cultivates a lifetime of health and happiness.

Food is powerful. It has the power to nourish and heal. It has the power to cause sickness and disease.

The key that unlocks a lifetime of health begins in your kitchen. Fill it with things that have not been chemically altered or processed. Make meals together with minimal ingredients and an abundance of love.

Go Organic & Non-GMO. Keep a small garden. Make more from scratch.

Vitality is achieved day by day from small, intentional choices.

Here are some recipes from my kitchen to yours.

Lastest Articles

Healthy Basil Pesto Recipe

Basil is such a hearty herb to grow. If you are a novice gardener and forget about it for a bit, your basil will still thrive and provide plenty of delicious leaves to harvest all summer long. I only have room for a small backyard garden so everything I plant has to...

Best Home Remedies for Body Odor

When the heat turns up, so do unpleasant smells coming from your body. You may be aware that most commercially sold deodorants contain unwanted additives like cyclopentasiloxane (endocrine distruptor) and aluminum (carcinogen). What you probably didn't know is that...

40 Best Gifts to Buy a Hippie Mom

In order to avoid frustration, unnecessary returns, and exchanges, I have created the ultimate guide to buying gifts for a hippie mom.   We earn commissions through our links. Please read the full disclosure for more info. Do you have a daughter, mom, wife, or...

A Minimalist Toy List Your Kids Will Love

Before I had my own child I would silently cringe after I entered homes where toys were scattered about and taking over the entire space. But then I had my own baby and experienced the sheer physical and mental exhaustion that comes along with parenting. I feared...

How to Do Perineal Massage During Pregnancy and Why You Should

Have you ever wondered if there is anything you can do to prevent tearing and pain from childbirth? If you are in your third trimester, it is time to start thinking about perineal massage. What is this you ask? Perineal massage is an easy way prep your vagina in the...

5 Major Benefits for Mothers Becoming Self-Reliant for Health

Being self-reliant for health means you don't have to rush your family off to the doctor at the first sign of illness because you are capable of handling most things at home. It seems that more and more mothers are becoming aware of earthly remedies as a way to...

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