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In this post I am sharing my honest Avocado green mattress review because green mattresses can be such a large financial commitment for families and it would have helped me to hear from another mom’s experience with this popular mattress brand.

We earn commissions throught the links in this post. This is my first hand experience. Please ready the full disclosure for more info.

Why buy a green mattress?

I feel so blessed to have the internet during my child-raising years. You have access to so much information and companies can no longer dupe you with marketing strategies and sell you a terrible product.

When my husband and I were first married, we knew we wanted to invest in a great mattress. At that time we were dual income with no kids and decided to purchase a memory foam mattress that was supposedly great for spinal health. We hoped that mattress would last for the next two decades!

Years later, our son turned two and it was time to invest in his “big boy” mattress. Through our research we realized there are many more health concerns to consider other than just “spinal health.” Once again, we wanted to make a one-time mattress purchase that should last his entire childhood.

Thankfully, I am a much savvier consumer these days and have learned what the majority of mattresses are made of before we made the same mistake with this purchase.

Mattresses are really toxic, here’s what’s in most of them!


Foam is widely used in mattresses because it is cheap to produce and gives the soft contour that we have come to expect from a mattress.

The problem with foam is it highly processed, full of chemicals, and is unstable when exposed to air so it releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs). (source)

Most foam is made from petroleum which means it is extremely flammable.

Foam breaks down over time so the older your mattress is, the more VOCs are released. Since most humans spend 1/3 of their lives on a mattress that means we are breathing toxic air for 1/3 of our life!

Flame Retardants:

Mattress manufacturers spray gobs of flame-retardant chemicals on mattresses to “reduce the risk” of fire but these chemicals are terrible for an adult to breath in, let alone a child. (source)

Some of the documented side-effects from being exposed to flame retardants include: endocrine disruption, thyriod problems, reproductive toxicity, poor fetal and child development, impairment to neurologic function, and cancer. (source)

Synthetic Latex:

Latex is the soft rubbery pillow top that usually costs a bit extra to add to your mattress. Most latex labeled as Natural Latex is actually mixed with synthetic latex made from polyurethane and other toxic chemicals which are known carcinogens. As long as these are mixed with some form of natural latex, it can be labels as “natural”.


Vinyl is a synthetic resin that adds the water-proofing capacity to mattresses. If your baby’s mattress label uses the words “waterproof” you can be sure there is vinyl in it.

Vinyl contains a group of chemicals called phthalates which makes the plastic flexible.

Phthalates are endocrine-disruptors, carcinogenic, and children are much more vulnerable so they need to be protected from them. (source)


When mattresses are made with steel coil systems, it is possible to stitch them together, although most of the time, this isn’t the most economical thing to do for large mattress companies. Now that so many mattresses are made up of nothing but foams, it takes a lot of adhesive glues to keep them together.

Water-base adhesives allow manufactures to quickly spray mattresses with fast-drying adhesives that hold up to wear and tear. The problem is they release formaldehyde and other dangerous chemicals in the form of VOCs.

For example, Methylene chloride is one common adhesive base that is quickly converted to carbon monoxide in the body. (source) Carbon monoxide competes with oxygen molecules on red blood cells and can make you hypoxic. This is super dangerous for both pregnant moms and babies!

I am not claiming that mattresses are causing SIDS but it is definitely something to think about, considering the medical community doesn’t yet know that cause of SIDS.

Now that you know what could be in a conventional mattress, let’s look at what green mattresses are comprised of.

What is a “green” mattress

There are tons of new green mattress companies popping up now that consumers are demanding safer mattresses.

Some of the top things to look for from a green mattress includes organic materials, third party certifications, and environmentally-friendly manufacturing.

Most green mattress companies are priced in around the same ranges.

We purchases a full-sized pillow top mattress from Avocado which cost us $1350.44 total. We purchased this mattress during the Labor Day sale and also got a military discount for a total discount of $225 which brings the regular price to $1575.

Similar companies such as Naturepedic, offer a full-sized kid’s mattress for around $1500. This price does not include a pillow top. My Green Mattress offers a full size pillow top mattress for around $1100 however, My Green Mattress only offers a 100 night sleep trial whereas the Avocado Green Mattress company offers a 1 year risk-free sleep trial.

A reputable green mattress company will have the Greenguard certification for low VOC emissions, the OEKO-TEX certification for harmful toxins that may come into contact with the skin, as well as the GOTS and and GOLS organic seal which requires greater than 95% of the material to be organic. I wrote in depth about these certifications in this post if you would like to know more.

Avocado Green Mattress Review

I decided it was about time for me to make a video for my community and what better way to start than to show you exactly what you will get from the Avocado experience from start to finish.

Keep in mind that you are going to be watching my first impressions of this mattress because I waited to unbox it until I had an uninterrupted moment to film. I definitely left a lot of information out in this video because I was honestly more focused on the broad overview of the company and the tactical experience from this mattress which I think is very important in any bed you choose to sleep on for extended periods of time.

I tried to fill in the gaps with this written review.

The Avocado mattress is essentially a “mattress in a box.” It is delivered to you house in a sturdy box with handles that makes it pretty easy to fit through doorways and carry up stairs, as long as you have a second person to help you.

Depending on the size of your mattress, it will weight anywhere from about 60-120 pounds. I definitely recommend a second person to carry this to its final destination.

You can opt for the in-home delivery where you don’t have to do anything other than open your front door for $199. So if you are one of those boojee-types, the company does offer this service.

I snapped a quick picture of the box so you could get an idea of the size. Excuse the messy room, we were just moving back into our house!

After you remove the box you will be left with double layer plastic wrap to remove. It isn’t difficult to remove but I definitely recommend unboxing this mattress in the room you intend to keep it in. 


Once I opened this mattress the first thing I assessed was how it smelled. Keep in mind everyone’s nose is different so it may smell one way to you which will be completely different than how I describe it.

If you watched the video I used the words, “it smells like sheep.” I guess that is the natural wool insulation they use in the mattress. When I smell this mattress, I doesn’t give off any synthetic chemical smells. But it definitely reminds me of a farm.

Honestly to me it’s a good smell. It’s kinda a sweet, comforting smell like you know there is going to be a pie after dinner or something. It is hard to describe but I guess that is why I kept saying it smells like “sheep”.

After about a week of owning this mattress, it smells less and less like wool and more and more like nothing at all. You really have to put your nose right up to the mattress to get a whiff of the wool smell now so I imagine after another week it will be completely gone.

If you don’t like the smell of natural textiles like wool but really want a green mattress, you could use some drops of Lavender essential oil to help mask the smell.


The Avocado green mattress is hand-tufted which not only makes it look more luxurious but it helps to keep the material evenly distributed.

The mattress has a very clean and well-build look. It has sturdy handles on the side to help you turn your mattress which should be done every month for the first six months and then every three months or so thereafter.

This is my first month owning this mattress but I will continue to update this post for wear and tear.

If you opt for the pillow top (which I highly recommend doing) your mattress will be on the taller side. We bought a low profile bed for our son so he could easily climb in and out of it, but the mattress did raise it up enough to make it more difficult for him to climb up.


Now for the most important part of this whole review.

As someone who has been sleeping on a pretty expensive Tempurpedic mattress for the past 6 years, I feel like I am qualified to judge the comfort of the Avocado green mattress. Tempurpedic may be toxic, but they definitely have the comfort thing down.

To my delight, I actually found the Avocado green mattress to be very comfortable. I have slept on it three times now with my son and didn’t wake up feeling sore.

I also feel didn’t feel hot at all on this mattress and was able to bundle up in the covers with the fan on in the room (and this is the end of summer).

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I think if you are used to sleeping on a very soft mattress, you definitely want to opt for the pillow top option. Even then, if you don’t find it soft enough you can purchase  additional layers of a pure latex topper.

Overall my entire experience with the Avocado mattress company was extremely positive, which is quite refreshing. Even though Avocado is a rather new company, it seems like they really have their systems and processes together which provide an excellent consumer experience, from their safety certifications, to the well-built product, and excellent, easy-to-access customer service.

Thank you for reading my review and be sure to check out the video for a better look at the mattress and the unboxing process.