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Our household values experiences over stuff. So for the past couple years, we did a no gift Christmas so we could save our money and go to the Bahamas as a family.

This year however, he is well aware of the Grinch, Santa, and the whole Christmas experience. He is also in his prime for developing motor skills. I decided that this year we will indeed do gifts. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to pick up a few items that will enhance our family activities and togetherness.

This post is all about Christmas gift ideas for active toddlers.

It contains loads of gift ideas for your busy bee, with an emphasis on items that promote being active. I truly believe that toddlerhood is the perfect time to start exposing your children to a wide variety of activities. One of them may very well stick and become a lifelong hobby that brings joy, fulfillment, and purpose. Christmas is the perfect time to offer a new opportunity.

For my minimalists out there, I hope you can see past the consumerism in these suggestions. Sometimes we need to give our kids tools and props in order for them to fully immerse in an experience. You can get many of these items second-hand and donate them when you are through.

I am sure you will find at least one of these ideas helpful!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Active Toddlers

1. Archery Set

This is a great gift if someone in the family likes to hunt. Get them excited for this activity early on and slowly teach them how to aim, wait patiently, and exist quietly.

2. Camping Set

For the outdoorsy family who wants to expose their kids to the idea of sleeping out in nature at a young age. You can start in your backyard and make it fun for everyone.

3. Skateboard

For the board sports loving family. I love the idea of practicing board balance as early as possible. Don’t forget the appropriate safety gear. If your kids learn this skill early on in life, there are so many active activities you can do together.

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4. Scooter

Scooters are another great culdesac activity to keep them burning energy during the afternoon.

5. Bike Trailer

Perfect for the bike loving family with two kids. We are a one-car family, so when kid number two comes around, I will need one of these to get to the park/store/beach, which are all a few miles from my house.

6. Child Backpack

Don’t let having a toddler stop you from hiking. I used this relentlessly this summer. We went on so many wonderful state park and beach walks. It brought sunshine and vitamin D to our faces and peace to our souls.

7. Kites

Something to do on windy days! Flying kites is such a fun activity no matter what age.

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8. Gardening Set

Get your kids excited to eat healthy by growing your own veggies. They will take pride in knowing they helped grow the family food. Dinners taste so much better when it’s grown from your own yard.

9. Tool Set

If you tend to work on house projecst as a family, give your toddlers their own tool set so they can feel involved.

10. Science Project Kits

Get your kids excited about education by making it hands-on. Combine this kit with a fun book about science experiments. You can also use simple kitchen tools for this but I think it makes it fun when your kids have their own stuff.

11. Bounce House


A bounce house is great neighborhood block parties and for cold/rainy days where you are mostly stuck inside. Yes, we blow ours up inside! Sometimes the bouce house only lasts for 15 minutes but man does it wear your kids out. A bounce house makes getting exercise more fun.

12. Telescope

Combine the telescope with books that teach about the solar system. This would be fun to take on a family camping trip away from the city when you can really see the stars.

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13. Swim Vest

You can teach your toddler how to swim during the winter to keep them active and be ready for the next pool/beach season.

14. Craft kits

Keep your kids busy during the winter months with this giant assorted craft jar.

15. Fishing Pole

It’s never too early to practice casting and this fishing pole is completely safe for toddlers.

16. Rock Climbing Wall

Build your own indoor rock climbing wall and teach your toddler proper climbing techniqes. Kids are natural climbers and I guarentee they will get excited about this gift.

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17. Snowboard

Start them snowboarding now! The sooner they start, the better they will be as adults. This snowboard will need bindings that strap in your child’s snowboots. Make sure you are getting the right size. Also, it’s a good idea to get a trainer harness.

18. Memberships for kid-friendly activities

Some of our favorites include:

  • Zoo
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Aquarium
  • Gymnastics
  • Martial arts
  • Library readings (free but good to know about)
  • Movie tickets
  • Theme parks (if you like going to these)
  • Water parks
  • Archades
  • Mini golf
  • Climbing gyms
  • Toddler play places
  • Children’s museum
  • Lessons for swimming/surfing

19. Soccer Set

Soccer is such an easy activity to do together in your backyard. Even if you aren’t a soccer fan, you can still have fun kicking the ball around with your little one.

20. Balance Bike

The earlier you expose children to the concept of balance, the better off they will be at all kinds of sports and physical activities. I have seen some two year olds whip around on a balance bike. It is fun to watch!


Christmas gifts for toddlers should serve a purpose. Your child doesn’t need more clutter. Each gift should enhance their physical activity, cognitive ability, or life experience in some way. It’s ok to have toys, in fact, some toys are proven to help with child development.

But it is important to remember when shopping for Christmas gifts, the hobbies you expose them to now will potentially shape the person they become.

You are still getting to know your child’s personality at this point which is why a broad range of exposure is key. In the future you will be able to zoom in on the things that seem to make them excited and purchase meaningful gifts that enhance their unique interests.

What are you getting for your toddler this Christmas? Let me know in the comments.