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The fact that babies born today will be exposed to EMFs from cellphones from the moment they’re conceived until the day they die is concerning. 

It makes you pause for a minute and think.

How dangerous are EMFs for babies?

How do we keep our children safe from EMFs?

Can we even avoid them at all with the rollout of 5G?”

In this post we will look at what the research currently shows about EMFs and babies, some of the health ramifications, and go over some simple tips to reduce their exposure.

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It is super logical to want to protect your baby from hidden dangers.

That’s why the baby industry is worth 60 billion dollars, selling everything from special sleep sacks and heart rate monitors, to cameras that allow you to watch your kid 24/7.

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Most people are aware of simple safety measures like washing your hands before you hold a new baby but with the advancement of modern technology there is a new danger in town.

And many people are downright unaware.

I was at first too.

According to a 2005 literature review, the most frequent place babies are exposed to EMFs is in the comforts of their own homes.

But before we go into the specific health concerns this may have for our youngest members, let’s first understand a little more about what EMFs are in the first place.

What are EMFs?

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields, which is a field of energy that surrounds a particular area or object.

Humans have been exposed to EMFs since the beginning of time, as the earth itself holds its own magnetic charge. You can visually see this during a thunderstorm!

However, with the creation of electricity, home appliances like microwaves, and wireless devices constantly surrounding us, we are exposed to artificial EMFs more than ever.

One report estimated that children under 8 years old are spending an average of 2 hours a day watching screens.

That is a lot of access to EMR emitting electronics!

EMFs are measured in wavelength and frequency with both electric and magnetic fields traveling side by side as energy flows from a negative charge to a positive charge.

higher frequency, known as radiofrequency (RF), makes shorter more frequent wavelengths. Things that transmit RF include radio, television, radar, cellular telephone antennas, and microwave ovens. These are meant to travel long distances. (source)

Lower frequency makes wider wavelengths. The most common source of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) fields are power outlets and appliances inside our homes. (source)

I hope I haven’t lost you yet! I know this topic is dry but it’s important for parents to be aware.

Check out this video for another visual guide to EMFs. It’s pretty entertaining too!

How are babies exposed to EMFs?


Do you ever carry your cellphone in your pocket? I was so guilty of this during pregnancy but I just plain didn’t know!

In utero, babies are exposed to EMFs when mom’s pregnant belly comes in close proximety with electronics that emit EMFs.

This means putting your laptop on your, you guessed it, lap could actually cause electromagnetic energy to reach your fetus.

Babies are exposed to EMFs after birth when moms hold their cellphones close-by, for instance while breastfeeding or they are set down near electronic devices and microwaves.

In addition, common baby associated EMF-emitting devices are baby monitors and the Owlet pulse oximeter monitor.

How do EMFs affect the body?

Human cells can be influenced by EMFs by absorbing both the energy and the thermal heat, which can cause an increase in free-radical production inside of the cell. (source)

Free-radicals cause oxidative stress which damage the ion channels on cell membranes, impairs metabolic functions, and can even alter DNA. (source)

All human cells contain antioxidants such as glutathione (GSH), glutathione peroxidase (GPx), catalase (CAT), and superoxide dismutase (SOD) that help to keep these free-radicals from damaging our cells.

However, EMFs may interfere with our antioxidants’ effectiveness.

In the long run with incessant overexposure, major body organs could be at risk.

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How dangerous are EMFs for babies?


Fetuses and babies are particularly vulnerable to complications from EMFs for three reasons:


1) Their brains are made up of more water and is therefore more conductive.
2) They have more stems cells circulating in their system whose DNA is vulnerable due to being undifferentiated.
3) Their skulls are thinner and less resistive to EMFs.


There is now major evidence that increased exposure to EMFs in early childhood increases the risk of brain cancer and leukemia. (source)

If a fetus is overexposed to EMFs during pregnancy it increases the risk of behavioral problems and hyperactivity in school. (source)

The real question now is how MUCH exposure could cause these types of problems and what steps do we take to prevent it from happening.

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One study found that a 50 minute cell phone call increased the glucose metabolism in the brain. For those that are not science nerds like me, glucose is the meat and potatoes for our brain cells!

That study was done in adults by the way, not babies. So we can assume that less than 50 minutes would affect their braincells’ metabolism because a baby’s skull is thinner and therefore less resistant to EMFs.

Another study found that being exposed to cell phone radiation for only 60 minutes a day greatly decreased semen vitality.

With so many of my own friends and coworkers struggling to get pregnant, news like that should be taken seriously.

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Keep in mind all of these studies have been done on adult humans and we need way more research to know how EMFs effect our children’s long-term health.

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It may not be worth keeping an eye on them with baby monitors unless we can find a way to block some of the EMFs.


How to protect your children from EMF radiation


I hate filling up my articles with bad news. Which is why I would never leave you out in the rain with no umbrella.

The next part of this article is going to provide you with practical measures to take to protect your baby from EMFs.

We will start out with the easiest things to do and then move on to more advanced strategies that cost a little more but will undoubtedly make your home environment safer.


1. Keep electronics at a safe distance from your children

When it comes to lowering the risk from EMFs, distance is your friend. The more distance you can put between your baby and your cell phone, microwave, TV, and home appliances the better.

You can check your specific cellphone user guide for the recommended safe distances.

If you have an iPhone, you can find more information by going to Settings → General→ About→ Legal→ RF Exposure.

2. Cover your baby with an EMF blocking blanket while breastfeeding

I for one loved to surf on my phone while I was breastfeeding 12 times a day. It’s hard to imagine giving up that form of entertainment when you are just sitting there, but the good news is they have made some nifty EMF blankets so you can surf without guilt.

You can use the blanket during pregnancy too to cover up your belly while you use your phone or watch TV!

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3. If you allow your toddler to play games on your phone or tablet, turn it in airplane mode.

We should also be limiting the time they spend using electronics to only a few minutes.

4. Buy a EMF meter and get to know your home

EMF meters are super inexpensive and will give you a general idea on some of the hot spots in your home.

This can give you some peace of mind and know the areas of concern.

5. Do not set up your nursery in a room adjacent to a smart meter.

You can also install a smart meter shield to protect your whole home.

6. Hard wire your internet instead of relying on wifi

You can buy ethernet cables that go up to 100 feet and even though it is a little bit inconvenient to deal with more cords, you could take this precaution when you have a new baby and young children in your home.

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7. Paint the nursery with EMF shielding paint

EMF shielding paint is rather expensive, however if you have no choice but to place your baby in an area that are close to many home appliances or smart meters, painting a base coat of EMF shielding paint could be an option.

It’s a great idea to protect yourself as well and do this in your own bedroom, especially since many babies cosleep with their parents in early life.

8. Try not to buy a home that is within a few miles from a cellphone or radio tower

You can use websites like AntennaSearch to find cell towers and antennas located near your home.

I have over 33 near my own home so I will need to take additional measures! The number of antennas around us is going to increase exponentially now that cell phone companies are switching to 5G.

More about 5G and what it means for families later on in this post.

9. Use a shield for your laptop while you are pregnant

If you spend a lot of time on your computer for work, it is reasonable to consider purchases a laptop shield to block the EMFs from your laptop while you are pregnant.

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10. Leverage cutting edge EMF redistribution technology to broadly reduce the extend of ill health effects

In 2002, the World Health Association pronounced EMFs to be “a possible human carcinogen” and since then, many companies have developed technology to reduce our exposure to low frequency radiation.

One company, Aires Tech, is using cutting edge technology to neutralize the way our body responds to EMFs: keeping heart rate variability & EEG more stable and also improving the stress response from the body while being in the presence of EMR. (source)

They offer stickers to put on your phone, tablet, laptops, and baby monitors. They also have personal shields that can be placed between the sheets and the mattress of the crib.

Use the code naturallymademom10 to get 10% off your order.


How will 5G technology change the way we encounter EMR


There is no stopping 5G from rolling out.

It is pretty much already here and thousands of new towers are being installed on every corner of every city in order to accomodate 5G.

4G technology uses below 6 gHz frequency but 5G will distribute much higher frequencies, between 24 and 90 gHz.

Higher frequencies means shorter wavelengths that cannot travel as far and thus requiring an antenna every 8 houses or so to get ample coverage!

Higher frequencies are also more dangerous to human health.

Going forward there is not likely to be an area of the city where you can avoid coming into contact with a radiating tower in the future.

As scary as it may be knowing we are going to be constantly surrounded by EMFs, there are still things we can do to mitigate the health risk for our families.

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  • Aires tech developed a card that you place in your car which nullifies the effects of EMR/EMFs as you drive through town. This is super helpful because as you travel your phone releases bursts of energy as it attaches to new cell phone towers.
  • You can plan ahead and start saving for a large area land outside of the city where you can control the number of antennas near your home.
  • Take frequent trips to the beach or mountains where the trees absorb EMFs and the crashing waves rebalance the energy that surrounds you.
  • Spend plenty of time outside barefoot and transfer the energy from the earth to rebalance your internal charge and reduce free-radicals.
  • Eat a highly nutritious diet full of antioxidant rich foods.
  • Protect your future children by wearing EMF blocking underwear for adults.
  • They is also EMF blocking onesies made from organic cotton which are surprisingly affordable.

Final thoughts

 There is still a lot more research that needs to be done to fully understand how EMFs affect our vulnerable babies.

You can’t live in fear of going outside, but you can take a few steps to reduce their exposure and live a more balanced life.

My mother always said, the closer to earth you live, the healthier you will be.

For my family this means growing a backyard garden, getting outside barefoot, eating a clean diet, and as always, thanking God for our health and prosperity.

There is so much outside of our control and ultimately we do our best and God will do the rest.