Mom life is the best life

Becoming a mom is a little bit like starting a new career. You have all these high hopes that it will add fulfillment to your life, but there is so much uncertainty and fear.

What if you are a bad parent? What if your baby cries all the time? How will you manage to pay all the bills yet be present to raise your kids?

Maybe I am just announcing my fears to you out loud. Hi, it’s very nice to meet you by the way!

I don’t want to sugarcoat motherhood. It definitely comes with its challenges. I can assure you however, these challenges will be MASSIVELY overshadowed by the joy motherhood will bring.

God gives us a large gift in a small package to steward for such a short amount of time. One of the things that help me get through the rough days is to imagine myself as an old woman, with streaks of white in my hair and many memories in my mind. I strive to raise my children through the eyes of wisdom with a heart of patience. That’s what they deserve from me.

This page contains tips for mothers, so you can get the most out of it and leave your mark on the next generation with grace.

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How to Be a Stay at Home Mom. Or is That Even for You?

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