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When the heat turns up, so do unpleasant smells coming from your body.

You may be aware that most commercially sold deodorants contain unwanted additives like cyclopentasiloxane (endocrine distruptor) and aluminum (carcinogen). What you probably didn’t know is that using these antiperspirant deodarants actually change the microbiome under your armpits, killing the “good” bacteria faster and allowing the “bad” bacteria to takeover. (source)

The sweat-loving bacteria Corynebacterium are able to consume sweat and the byproduct of their metabolism is undesirable body odor. This puts us on a cycle of needing more and more chemically laced creams and synthetic fragrances to keep body odor down, yet we stink more quickly.

What we need is some good ol’ home remedies for body odor so we can smell fresh without the hamster wheel.

In this post I will give you all my best tips and tricks for getting rid of your womanly body odor naturally. I have not used commercial deodorants or antiperspirants in over 4 years and most of the time I smell pretty good!

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Getting rid of body odor permanently starts with cleaning up the inside.

I know you probably don’t want to hear this but it needs to be said.

You are what you eat.

Have you ever had a late night out where you consumed lots of alcohol and maybe ended it with some greasy fast food?

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The entire next day you just sweat and STINK! This is an extreme case of your body trying to push out toxins through the skin. The reality is when we eat like crap, one of the ways our body detoxes is pushing things out through the skin.

Ultimately, to get rid of body odor permanently it’s necessary to clean up your diet by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and limit meat, dairy, and processed grains.

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Does this mean you have to be perfect in order to not stink? Of course not!

There are more home remedies we will discuss to clean up body odor but if you want to struggle less with body odor, you have to heal your insides through a better diet.

Some specific foods that really increase our body odor include pork and red meat.

Foods that help improve body odor include leafy greens and blue green algaes like Chlorella and Spirulina. I love adding these to smoothies.

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Start taking a probiotic

If you find your body odor to be particularly disagreeable you may consider supplementing with a probiotic.

This will be especially true if the smells coming from your lady parts are undesireable. A fishy smelling vagina means there is a good chance you have candida or overgrowth of the wrong bacteria.

Another sign of gut dysbiosis is very smelly flatulence. If you let out even the smallest bit of gas but it stinks up a room there is a good chance you have an overgrowth of the wrong bacteria.

Cleaning up your insides is a multistep process. One easy way to get started is to replace your body with good bacteria. I love using a liquid probiotic over capsules because you are getting a prebiotic along with your probiotic, which makes the bacteria more likely to survive your stomach acid and actually colonize your gut.

Replenish your skins microbiome

Just as our intestines are colonized by trillions of microorganisms, so is our skin. Our current obsession with cleanliness, hand sanitizers, and scented personal care products makes it difficult to keep our skin biome balanced and healthy.

As I referred to earlier, the wrong bacteria will metabolize your sweat and let off an unpleasant smell.

I use a product called Mother Dirt AO Mist under my armpits everyday after I shower. This product contains Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria which converts our sweat into nitric oxide. Not only does nitric oxide help to keep our cardiovascular system in check, but it also keeps the wrong bacteria from overgrowing.

I have been using Mother Dirt AO Mist for 6 months now and some days I completely forget to wear deodorant but still don’t smell bad at the end of the day. You can also use it for your face and it helps to improve the appearance of your complextion.

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Use only natural personal care products

Many personal care products contain chemicals that alter our skin’s pH, strip the protective natural oils, and change our microbiome for the worse.

While I am definitely not advocating for skipping your daily shower, switching to natural personal care products will help your largest organ make a huge adjustment and be much healthier.

After a while when you smell synthetically fragranced shampoos and body washes, it will almost make you nauseous.

One of my favorite ways to clean my body is by using all natural soaps made from real food. These soaps contain ingredients that nourish the skin and replenish oils so your skin doesn’t overcompensate from being so dry.

We also use unscented castile soap and then add our favorite essential oils.

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Baking Soda Body Odor Treatment

When you first start on the journey to use more natural personal care products, you may go through a period where you smell worse before it gets better. This is nothing to worry about, it is just a painful adjustment time we all go through as our body cleans up the toxins and rebalances.

I highly recommend doing a baking soda body odor treatment. This simply involved mixing baking soda with an acidic juice like lemon juice to form a paste and applying it to your underarms.

I like using this method to kill off the bad bacteria over using something like apple cider vinegar because it doesn’t smell as bad.

When I first switched over to a natural lifestyle, I used the baking soda treatment once a week for the first month so I didn’t have to reapply natural deodorant as much.

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Switch to natural deodorant

For many people, switching to natural deodorant is the first step towards embracing the natural lifestyle but they quickly get discouraged because it stops working.

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I have found this myself and have tried many different natural deodorants. I finally landed on the Lavender Primal Paste because it seems to work well for me.

You will have to play around with different brands until you find one you like but keep in mind that no deodorant will work perfectly.

We are living breathing organisms and even if you take all of the above steps to get rid of body odor, you will likely find that sometimes you just have to wash your body an extra time or apply a dab of lavender essential oil on the smelly parts.

There are many cultures that embrace the natural human smell and body odor isn’t really a thing. We have to find a way to fit into our own culture while still being mindful of our health.

Final Thoughts


Uncontrolled body odor really puts a damper on everything. If you truly want to get rid of your body odor permanently, you have to clean up your lifestyle.

You will be surprised at how much better you smell on a daily basis once you transition away from synthetic fragrances. Look closely at the ingredients in your personal care products to make sure they are from real plants and essential oils.


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Be patient with the process and don’t get too discouraged when the smells don’t go away right away. As someone who has lived the natural lifestyle for years, I found it wasn’t until I was really intentional about what I put in and on my body that my body odor started to become less and less of a thing.

Nowadays I seriously don’t even wear deodorant all the time.

I can’t begin to tell you how freeing it is to not need perfumes to cover up unwanted smells!

I want you to enjoy running out the door after you forgot to put on deodorant and know that it’s no biggie. I highly recommend following these steps I have outlined and jumping in with two feet!