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If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while without success then it’s time to make some changes.

You might think those changes should solely revolve around diet and exercise. While that is an important part of losing weight, it’s not everything.

If you are like me, dieting doesn’t keep excess weight off indefinitely.

Inevitably, you loosen the strings and the weight creeps on back. 

I am about to share some effective home remedies for weight loss. These remedies not only supercharge your ability to lose weight, but they aren’t super inconvenient to add to your daily routine. 

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Home Remedies for Weight Loss


When you make plans to lose weight, do you usually start by changing your diet?

The problem I have with diets is there’s always an occasion or event making it difficult to stick to it all the time.

Instead of thinking about our diet as restricting or taking away, I like to think about what I can add to my diet to boost my metabolism and overall health. A healthy body will be more efficient at losing weight.

Here are some simple things to do each day to supercharge your weight loss ability.

Morning Detox Drink

Every morning when you arise, start your day by filling your empty stomach with a morning detox drink.

This drink contains gut healing apple cider vinegar, metabolism and immune boosting lemon juice, and anti-inflammatory Ceylon cinnamon.

There is no better way to rev up your metabolism than starting your day with a detox drink.



Collagen Peptides

Years of eating processed foods can damage your gut lining. When this happens, it makes it difficult for your body to digest food.

You could spent a lot of time meal prepping and eating healthy food, but if your gut is inflammed you are likely still experiencing malnourishment from malabsorption.

This will slow your metabolism, increase food cravings, and increase your risk for obesity. (source)

One of the best ways to restore the gut lining is to include collagen peptides from organic grass fed cows.

You can easily add collagen peptides to a morning smoothie or even mix it up in a glass of water because it is relatively tasteless.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is packed with nutrients that make up the building blocks for muscle recovery. It aides in weight loss, repairs the gut, improves digestion, and helps you sleep better.

Bone broth is also full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids so you will feel full longer. 

After you crush your workout, drink a warm cup of bone broth to help replenish and repair your muscles. 


Living Probiotics

We are learning so much more about how our microbiome modulates our health. Every second, our microbiome sends millions of chemical messages through our blood which helps our body function optimally.

Lactobacillus has shown a positive effect on decreasing appetite and increasing satiety. (source)

Samples taken from the waste products of obese people have significantly less healthy microbiota in the gut. (source)

So what does this tell us? If we want to lower our risk for excess weight gain and have more control over our appetite, we need to promote biodiversity in our gut.

The best way to do this is to get out in nature. When that isn’t possible, it’s helpful to supplement with high quality probiotics.

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There are tons of capsule supplements on the market right now, most of which don’t produce results. This is because the liquid prebiotic is removed, making the cultures vulnerable to the low pH of our stomach acid. Most of them aren’t viable all!

Flourish is a powerful liquid probiotic made by a company with integrity. Flourish is the product we use and I have lost weight since starting this probiotic and feel WAY less hungry.

Why do I like this product so much?

The liquid prebiotic is a nonGMO, organic, fermented sugar molasses and it is not removed. This means the bacteria are still living and feeding when they arrive at your doorstep. The pH of the liquid is around 3.0 so you know they will survive in your stomach’s low pH.

The product contains 11 diverse, carefully selected strains of probiotics from five genera that include: 

Lactobacillus – multiple species including

– Acidophilus
– Casei
– Bulgaricus
– Fermentum
– Plantarum

Bifidobacterium – multiple species including

– Bifidum
– Longum

Enterococcus – multiple species including

– Lactis
– Thermopiles
– Bacillus Subtilis
– Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Green Tea

In the afternoon when you start to get sleepy and think about grabbing another cup of coffee, try switching over to green tea.

Green tea increases weight loss, optimizes exercise performance, and sends supercharged antioxidants circulating through the bloodstream. (source)

The best part about green tea is there is much less caffeine present than coffee. I am senstive to drinking caffeine after three pm, making green tea the perfect pre-workout boost.

Go to bed early

I know many people who crush their weight loss strategy all day long. They make it to the gym, drink a smoothie for breakfast, and even have portion control at dinner.

But when eight o’clock rolls around their tummy starts grumbling and it becomes super hard to resist unhealthy snacking.

This has happened to me time and time again.

The ONLY way to stop yourself consistently from late night eating is to go to bed early. If you can get in the habit of this, you will be much more likely to lose weight and keep it off because you will likely be getting better sleep.

Extra sleep significantly improves your body’s performance, including it’s ability to detox and remove excess fat cells that are circulating the bloodstream.

Increase your water intake

How much water we should drink per day depends on our lifestyle or if we have specific conditions such as pregnancy.

You should always aim to drink at least one ounce of water per pound of body weight as a rule of thumb.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or working out for long periods causing profuse sweating, you may need a little more.


Increase your fiber intake

Add as much fiber to your diet as you can and I am not talking about the synthetic version called maltodextrin. We want real foods to nourish your body.

The more raw fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds you eat the longer you will stay full and less likely you will over snack. It also takes the body significant energy to process fiber in the digestive track which means you are actually burning calories from eating!

Even if you still have a few unhealthy food items each day, merely adding raw veggies to your meals will keep you chewing on healthy food longer. Chewing does burn calories after all!

Take Home Message

At the end of the day losing weight is a simple math equation that is hard to keep on the right side. You have to burn more than you lose.

Adding home remedies into your day not only helps increase your metabolism so you burn more, but it also distracts you from doing the exact thing that is sabotaging your weight loss…eating more.

If you try adding every single one of these suggestions into your day, I guarantee you won’t have as much time for unhealthy snacking.

It is much easier to keep weight off than to lose it. Once you get where you want to be, keep incorporating these home remedies for weight loss at least a few days a week.

This will ensure the weight doesn’t come back as quickly when you have a vacation or a few cheat days!