A natural health approach for raising children

I was raised on natural health remedies as a child. My mom used to put garlic drops in our ears when we had ear infections. Then I went to college and studied nursing. After spending the last decade in the conventional world, my eyes have beheld sickness beyond imagine.

People aren’t getting better. Chronic disease is appearing earlier and getting more complex. Our brothers and sisters are truly suffering.

When my son was 7 months old he started having seizures after receiving the flu vaccine. After seeing his pediatrician, an ER physician, and a specialist, I still did not have an answer as to what was happening to him or why. It was then I realized that my son was born healthy, but medicine made him sick.

It doesn’t matter how great your genetics, poison doesn’t discriminate.

¬†I have taken my knowledge of how the human body works and began a journey to study natural medicine. These century old home remedies are at anyone’s disposal. You can support your immune system and heal from common family ailments naturally.

When it comes to raising healthy children, we follow a few basic principles:

We eat organic, non-GMO, unprocessed food.

We grow a small backyard garden.

We get a good night’s sleep.

We keep our days simple and our stress levels low.

We look to homeopathy, essential oils, and herbs to pick ourselves up when we are down.

We seek the aid of modern medicine as a last resort without fear, while still supporting our bodies with what God placed on this beautiful earth.

I hope our journey will inspire moms to become their children’s healers.

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