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It isn’t a secret that we are living through a pivotal moment in world history.

Rules of engagement were set long ago in the modern world. Leaders are elected by The People to deal with Geopolitics so the People go about their day and do the grunt work to actually keep the machine running.

In a functional first world country, good honest people can work for a living wage, participate in commerce, and feel safe to walk down the street in our cities. In my country, we even have this saying called “The American Dream” which means that if you work really hard, you can achieve something even greater.

Checks and balances come by holding frequent elections. If someone does a horrible job, they don’t have enough time in office to completely destroy the country before The People vote them out.

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We are now waking up to the reality that the People of this world have been betrayed by our leaders. Trust has been shattered. Our elections are rigged!

Because of this, we are looking at the very real possibility of World War 3.

What has been brought to light in the past two years: our vote has not counted for decades, there have been deals made behind out backs, which has led to America and the world being on the brink of collapse.

What will follow if we don’t course correct is the continual attempt to obliterate constitutional & human rights. We could even be on the brink of nuclear war.

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The scumbag mobster elites have accomplished their worldwide takeover through narrative control over generations, which has resulted the systematic dependency of our societies on the infrastructure they have created.

I remember thinking back in summer of 2019, how easy things have gotten. From the endless streaming entertainment to ordering groceries with the touch of a finger, we have become a people who would not bode well in a societal collapse.

Who reading this could say they know a local farmer from whom they could purchase food from if the global food supply was cut off?

I know for a fact that I could not recognize enough edible wild plants to sustain my caloric requirements for a day. Heck, I don’t know if I could stand walking through the woods all day long in order to gather them.

Thus we are faced with the painful reality that if we want to control our own destiny and give our children a chance to be free, we must not only crawl our way out of bondage, but we also must quickly learn new skills in order to survive in a world without big brother watching over us.

This article is my chance to share what I am personally doing going forward to bring back both sanity and sovereignty to my personal life.

Learn to Live like a Free Citizen

I think it is high time we face the elephant in the room. We are in this predicament because we forgot what it means to be free.

A sovereign citizen depends only on himself and God for prosperity.

It is good to collaborate with others to solve problems but ultimately, we have to be the one to make hard decisions in our lives and own those decisions.

We also have a responsibility to pass on vital knowledge to the next generation. That means society as a whole needs to recognize that majoring in subjects like Gender Studies is a complete waste of time.

In fact, I would argue that public schools and colleges at this point, are worthless wastes of precious time. They are indoctrinating our children and teaching useless rhetoric during the years where our children’s brains are like sponges. We could be filling them up with real world logic and hard skills instead.

1. Food and Water

If there is anywhere to start in becoming more independent it is curating food and water from reliable independent sources.

We are actively looking for land so we can raise our own food and dig a well for our water source.

God tells us in Ezekiel 36:25 that clean water is what cleanses us from filthiness. One of the biggest regrets that I have had in my life is trusting the government to supply my water.

Thankfully we have always filtered our water, but going forward that is not enough for me. I want to be in charge of my supply so no one can cut it off or put some new tasteless chemical in there that steals my health.

I plan to have a hand pump and a solar powered pump for our well. I like the Radiant Life 14-stage filter for filtering our drinking water.

I also plan to start a permaculture farm and also raise animals holistically. This way I can feed my family and perhaps even help my neighbors live better lives.

Now more than ever is a good time to support a local farmer or raise your own meat when world leaders are all talking about food shortages.

Being self sufficient is the MOST important way that common citizens can fight back. I don’t know if you have seen the videos from the World Economic Forum that states “we will own nothing and be happy” or the ones of Bill Gates saying we will all be eating fake meat by 2028 but I don’t want to be in a position to have to buy what they are selling.

I use Azure Standard more and more for my dry goods. They are an independent food supplier of organic goods and I can’t recommend them more! It’s nice because you buy in bulk and pick up once a month, so even if you live out in the rural country, you can plan ahead on your supplies and get enough to last you for a while.

2) Local politics

I didn’t used to be a person that watched the news or paid attention to politics but the scamdemic woke me up to the realization that I need to stay on top of what theses so-called leaders are doing.

I heard a saying that resonated with me…”You may not do politics, but politics are doing you.

I don’t yet have a solid strategy on how to accomplish being involved without it completely taking over my life.

I think that once we settle down somewhere, I will attend all my city council meetings and join the local tea party group so that I can stay abreast on the important matters.

I also plan to pay attention to the local health director meetings. I don’t really want to do this and these meetings can be very boring. But the health directors do indeed make health ordinance requirements and they often go completely unopposed.

3. Build a Survival Library

There is a time in my life that I hope I can read a fiction novel again just for fun. For now, I am trying to cram a lifetime of knowledge in my brain that should have been passed down from previous generations and was probably lost due to industrialization.

Some of the topics of books I am reading include:

Root cellaring

Pressure canning


Treating Infections with Homeopathy

Growing Orchards

I think it is important to have these types of books on hand despite the availability of the internet. Heaven forbid that it is taken away, we would only have the information in our head. I don’t know about you but I definitely need some references from time to time.

4. Homeschool

I had planned to homeschool my children way before the people running the world decided to be total psychopaths. But seeing all the gender indoctrination and racial tension they are trying to stoke in our schools, it solidifies even more to be that homeschooling is the only way to ensure my children will be protected so their minds can learn.

Another reason for homeschooling is that I want my children to make friends with people who are developing their character based on moral values and seeking self improvement instead of useless knowledge and trained to be an obedient slave.

I am not saying that everyone who attends public school is a mindless zombie, but I do see more and more young kids with their heads in their cellphones these days and the propaganda is thicker than ever.

It seems to me that people who make the choice to homeschool already value freedom. They do not want to be told to show up at one place at this time for 3/4 of their year.

I used to want to travel with my children and even expressed my desire to show them different cultures as part of their educational experience. Now I realize that I didn’t even know my own history because it has been hidden, manipulated, and changed completely.

Today Up is Down and Left is Right. I’m sure it has been the same for centuries.

I am more focused on teaching something tangible now so my sons can become independent of the system which seeks to enslave and annihilate every man women and child.

I know now that the current society is built upon a foundation of lies. I am mentally prepared to go back to bare bones kind of living if that is what it takes to keep personal sovereignty.

5. Study history

What the people of the world are experiencing right now is more than just happenstance. It is all by design.

Things don’t go from totally calm, a society chugging along, and then suddenly we have color revolutions, forest fires, civil unrest, and boys wanting to be girls.

No, this shit show is someone’s diabolical plot.

I have heard the saying that history is written by the winners and it seems like the winners up until now are those possessed by demons. It is high time for a correction and restoration of the balance to be restored to good. That struggle is the ultimate calling for every adult in the human race today so that we may have a future.

I highly recommend listening to The Sarah Westall Podcast. She has hundreds of interviews from subject matter experts. I am finding her podcast to be a great source of thought provoking decentralized information on history and current events.

After binging her podcast for weeks, I can’t believe how much humanity has been lied to about virtually everything. The good news is it seems like we are figuring it out, but now comes the painful part where we have to kick out all the scumbags that have taken over our planet, and run it ourselves.

They aren’t going to go down without a fight so I imagine we are in for some seriously trying years ahead. Real history can help us along the way so that we ensure freedom for our children and grandchildren.

6. Growing in faith

I grew up knowing God well. My dad made sure of that. But like many people today, I lost my way, got sucked into secularism, and neglected my personal relationship with God.

I believe our society is in this precarious situation because of our indifference to the Ways of the Lord on such a broad scale. We have become complacent and accepting of the systematizing of error so as to “not offend” anyone.

Natural laws were designed by our Creator because they lead to balance and prosperity. The forces of evil seek to obscure these laws which certainly lead to misery and destruction.

Jesus Christ was not one to sit idly by and not call out corruption for what it is and neither should we.

I was once ok listening to secular music with questionable lyrics but now it completely offends me.

As my relationship with the Father has grown, secularism has become less tolerable. In turn, I have noticed His increased presence and guidance in my life.

I see Him working in mysterious ways.

Certain things have lined up for us as a family that came unexpectedly but have been such a blessing. It’s happened so many times in a row over the past few years that I cannot be labeled as a coincidence.

God is working behind the scenes. He is waiting for more of His people to snap out of their worldly slumber and start flipping tables for His truth.

I am not going to lie and say that I have not felt fear. I am human. It is sometimes a daily effort to remind myself that fear is not of God and therefore has no place in my life. No matter what is to come, I can be not only survive but be more than a conqueror. I may just have to change my definition of what that looks like.

I work daily on accepting is Romans 12:2.

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. 

To me this means understanding that the spoils of this life are finite. They come to those that serve the god of this world, Satan. As enticing as they may seem obtaining these spoils should not be the main focus of our attention.

For a Creator to design a mind as complex as a human mind, He must have something even better in store for us than what this life has to offer, if we can only endure and earn our place in His kingdom.

Final Thoughts

There are times when I find myself struggling to smile. All of this is just so heavy and being a mom I just want to have a safe world to raise my children. But I remind myself that history has shown civilizations have rose and fallen, but God’s people remain or we wouldn’t be here today.

I find comfort in this and do my best to listen to His still small voice so that I can know how to best prepare for what is to come.