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Want to know how to get rid of warts on kids for good? I thought it was impossible to kill warts. I tried all the most common home remedies on my son and none of them worked.

I FINALLY stumbled upon one natural remedy that killed my son’s warts from the inside out and so far they haven’t come back! And I won’t make you read through this entire blog post to tell you what it is. It’s called a zapper. I know, weird name, trust me though it works!

This chapter of my naturally living adventures is called The Wart Chronicles because I will explain the journey I went through to get rid of warts on my child. I honestly wish I knew about this zapper thing sooner!

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How to get rid of warts on kids for good!

My son got his first wart when he was two years old. At first I thought it was a bug bite because it was so small. But when it didn’t go away, I assumed it was a wart and would go away on its own.

After a year the wart was still there and even got slightly bigger. Every time I held his hand I felt it. I’m embarrassed to admit this (I like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t care about outward appearance) but they really bothered me and didn’t want it to become something that bothered him. So I decided to look to natural remedies to get rid of his wart.

The first thing I tried was a topical homeopathic medication which I won’t even link because it did absolutely nothing. I love homeopathy and have had great success using it but in this case, I was unsuccessful deploying homeopathy to eliminate a wart.

The next thing I tried was duct tape. It was hard for my son not to pick that off thought so very quickly I gave up on the duct tape method for removing warts.

I then tried freezing the wart off using the stuff you can buy over the counter at the drug store. The freezing seemed to work on the top layer but it never could penetrate the wart deep enough to fully eliminate it.

I noticed after I started freezing the wart, it grew much bigger so I stopped that as well.

Then I took full strength apple cider vinegar and soaked a very tiny piece of cotton ball, just enough to cover his wart and taped it on with medical tape. I changed this twice a day to keep his wart in contact with the ACV 24/7.

This method seemed to be working because his wart turned black and started to fall off.

You can see from the picture that the apple cider vinegar started to kill the wart really well. I got excited!

BUT then I noticed as I started killing this wart, another wart started to pop up right next to it.

The big wart turned black and started to fall off. Once it got down to his bare skin it was really hard to keep the medical tape and ACV soaked cotton ball on the right spot so it wouldn’t burn his healthy skin. The wart was super small by this point so I stopped the ACV treatments.

I really thought I was done with this whole thing but to my dismay it resurfaced AGAIN and 6 more popped up behind it on that same hand!

I know it is hard to see them in this picture. I haven’t been blogging much lately so I didn’t do a great job documenting this process with pictures. Sorry about that guys! I am starting to get back into it now that I am getting the hang of being a mom to two!

I knew I couldn’t manage putting apple cider vinegar on 6 warts so for a while I just ignored them because I was so tired of this process.

The Zapper Works For Removing Warts

I have been dealing with some of my own health issues the past year. I started reading this book called The Cure for All Disease by Dr. Hulda Clark. In it she describes how many common diseases such stem from pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. She believes every pathogenic organism can then be disrupted by delivering specific electrical current to the body.

I originally bought a Hulda Clark Zapper for myself but there is a section in her book on warts and it suggests using the zapper for them.

I set my son up to watch a movie and hooked him up to the zapper. We did this on a daily basis for a week and then every few days for a month.

I honestly couldn’t believe it but it seemed like the warts started to get smaller. They never turned black like the big one did with the apple cider vinegar but the surface got white and sloughed off slowly until they were gone.

About 2 months after we first started using the zapper all 6 of his warts virtually disappeared!

You can still see the light scars but looking at the profile view his skin is flat and the wart is gone. I hope with time the scars will fade too.

The zapper does not hurt to use, so don’t think you are going to be shocking your children. It delivers 30kHz of energy for 7 minutes on and 25 minutes off for a total of three times and that’s the entire treatment for that day.

Final Thoughts

I’ve read warts will eventually go away on their own as a child’s immune system matures. So if all of this sounds like too much for you then you can always just wait and watch them because warts really are harmless.

There are multiple opinions out there on how the zapper actually works. Some believe that the electrical current disrupts viruses while others believe that it actually awakens the immune system. I have no way to validate what is actually happening on an energetic level. I just know it worked for my son when nothing else did.

I also like that the zapper works for many other harmful pathogens so it is nice to have around for the whole family to use.

I bought my zapper from eBay. There are a bunch out there for different prices but they are all virtually the same. In Dr. Clarks book, she also teaches you how to build one yourself so if you are electrically inclined, this is an option as well!

If you have any questions about this process please feel free to leave me a comment!