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This post is all about my secret weapon that I use to get my toddler to leave a playground, playplace, or pool without fights.

It’s that dreaded time. You know the one.

You see their tired eyes and know if you wait any longer to leave it will likely be too late.

Your toddler will either fall asleep on the way home or be so overtired that nothing goes smoothly.

It’s time to leave and they won’t want to.

You already tried warning them to play for only 5 more minutes.

You’ve tried snacks and even offered a yummy treat in exchange for good behavior.

No matter what you do, trying to get your toddler to leave gracefully is like trying to convince congress to agree on a budget.

Some people give you the stink eye assuming you don’t have it together.

Other moms look at you with that special sparkle as you attempt to lovingly drag your tearful kicking child out the door. They’ve been there too or will be in 5 minutes.

Until today.

Today I am going to share with you a special tactic that works 90% of the time!

Hey, at one time I would even take a 50% improvement!

So without further ado here it is..

The next time you have to leave a fun place tell your toddler it’s time to go to the NEXT place.

Why does saying “let’s go to the next place” get a toddler to leave without fights?

Because it evokes curiosity and it’s not a lie.

I truly don’t believe that we should lie to our children. God doesn’t honor that and eventually our kids will be smart enough to remember when we don’t follow through.

The “next place” is never a lie.

It could be the grocery store, a friend’s house, a doctor’s office, or our blessed home.

But there’s more to this tactic than just saying it matter of factly.

In order to get your toddler excited about “the next place” you have to start by telling them enthusiastically. Put a big smile on your face and get excited right there with them to go there!

Then make sure that every once and a while “the next place” is actually somewhere fun they would want to be.

Pretty soon your toddler will ask to go to the next place and leaving won’t be a problem anymore.

So there you have it. Short and sweet. Let me know how this goes for you!