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Last year I learned about an entire new body system, one I was never taught about in nusing school called the endocannabinoid system. Not many scientists were aware or interested back then I guess but I would like to think I would have studied it in school if it had been common knowledge! Now there is gobs of emerging information about how cannabinoid receptors are responsible for many aspects of our mental and physical wellbeing.

As a preventative health enthusiast, I naturally started doing more research on this topic and tried different CBD products. In this post, I want to share my thoughts on a small company that is producing high-quality organic CBD products called Jimbo & Jules.

Where to buy organic CBD oil

I was gifted these products to complete an honest review for Jimbo & Jules. All opinions are based off my personal experience with the products and interactions with the owners. For more information on their full line of handcrafted products and to support a wonderful, sustainable small business, please visit their website.

What Role Does the Endocannabinoid System Play in Preventative Health?

As I mentioned earlier, up until two decades ago, marijuana research was an esoteric field of study interesting only a handful of scientists. Since then we have discovered more than 100 chemical compounds in the hemp plant and have mapped the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. (source)

As it turns out, we have cannabiniod receptors nearly all over our body. They have identified and named CB1 receptors in our brain and CB2 receptors in our brain, on our immune cells, blood cells, liver, pancreas, and bone marrow. (source)

Our bodies are designed physiologically to use the chemical compounds found in the hemp plant. Which makes total sense. The hemp is hardy to grow and can be used for so many different purposes.

Hemp was actually one of the main crops grown by our founding fathers and was a staple not only in their diet but also for the majority of industrial and household goods. (source)

The health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) oil are as profuse as the receptor sites within our bodies. The most commonly known benefit of CBD is it’s ability to calm the nervous system and reduce inflammatory pain. (source)

Heath Benefits Of CBD Oil

  1. Pain relief
  2. Reduction of anxiety & depression
  3. Promotion of skin health through anti-inflammatory qualities
  4. Reduces muscle spasms
  5. Reduces seizures
  6. Reduces cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease
  7. Lowers blood pressure
  8. Helps with addiction
  9. Anti-tumor qualities
  10. Reduces diabetes

Where to buy high quality CBD oil?

When you are purchasing CBD oil, you want to make sure it is full-spectrum and not an isolate.

There are so many intricate receptors throughout the body which react to the wide array of active chemical compounds. You would not experience all the healing benefits by using an oil that contained only a single isolate.

Another thing to consider is sourcing. There should be full transparency on the quality of the CBD oil since it is something you consume and absorb.

I have made a personal choice to only use cosmetics made from whole plants that are grown using organic farming practices.

I am also firm believer in supporting small businesses. As a reader of this blog, you are doing just that, taking real advice from a natural mom.

I don’t have a CEO over my head that is pressuring me to compromise my values for the sake of profit. Which is why everything I write about when it comes to natural health is my raw experience as someone who is trying to raise a flourishing family.

I got an email from Jules, one of the founders of the small company Jimbo and Jules, a few weeks ago asking me to try their line of homemade CBD products. After checking out their website and reading about their mission, sourcing, and ingredients, I was very honored and excited to try anything they make.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box I received was the cornstarch packing peanuts.

sustainable packaging with cornstarch peanuts

When it comes to buying a high-quality product, the difference is often in the details.

If a small business claims on their website that they care about the environment but then ships their products in plastic or styrofoam, this is a blatant red flag to me. If they are cutting corners on the packaging then where else are they compromising their said values?

You can easily tell if a packing peanut is made from cornstarch by adding a little water. It will fully dissolve.

As someone who personally cares a lot about preserving the environment for future generations, I really appreciated this attention to detail in the packaging. It instills a lot of confidence in the owners’ commitment to quality.

One look at Jimbo and Jules and you can tell they are radiating health from the inside out.

Jimbo and Jules products review
No makeup, no toxic nail polish, just glowing vibrant skin finished off with a little bit of dirt. That is exactly how I live my everyday life and one of the things that drew me to trying their products.

I only mention these observations because I am someone who likes to vote with my dollars. If I can support a down to earth couple like Jimbo and Jules who care about the environment over a profit-driven corporation, I will do that any chance I can get.

Jimbo and Jules Products (Complete Review)

I was gifted 3 products from Jimbo and Jules.

 Soothe n Bloom Salve with 100 mg of full-spectrum CBD with the Sleep Sweet essential oil blend

I can’t wait for my husband to be out of the military so he can rub my feet before bed with this salve. I found the smell to be extremely soothing and has a great night sleep after using it.

CBD sleep salve blend

 Soothe n Bloom Smiles Peppermint lip balm with 50 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil

The lip balm was extremely hydrating. I spent a long day in the sun over the weekend and found the lip balm to renew my chapped lips after only one application.

healing CBD lip balm

Bee Easy Relax CBD oil blend.

The smell of this blend is absolutely intoxicating.

You can tell Jimbo and Jules are knowledgeable on relaxing oil blends. The oils in this blend included frankincense, vetiver, lavender, wild marjoram, bergamot, holy basil, ylang ylang, and grapefruit, all of which promotes either restfulness or eases inflammation.

Relaxing CBD Essential Oil Blend

I tried each product individually on separate days to evaluate for the benefits and any potential side effects side effects. I did not experience any skin breakouts or notice anything unusual.

I love how many different products are available from this small business, which gives you a diverse way to absorb CBD each day. Hemp used to be a regular part of our diets. Nowadays, most people are so deprived of this vital neurologic nutrient it is no wonder everyone has so much stress and aches.

All of these products are extremely well made.

As someone who makes a lot of my own products, (check out my baby lotion, belly balm, and after sun lotion recipes) I know how hard it can be to get a smooth consistency out of natural ingredients. That’s one of the reasons so many cosmetics have added toxic emulsifiers. People don’t really want lumps in their products but what is the trade off?

I found all of the products to be very smooth and smell absolutely heavenly.

All the Jimbo and Jules products are third party tested for purity and potency and they will provide a copy of the test results if you would like to take that extra precaution. I appreciate that this is mentioned on the website because I have personally emailed many companies to provide proof of potency for higher priced products in the past, often without a response.

I really enjoyed using each of these individual products especially because they are made from 100% organic ingredients for an EXTREMELY reasonable price.

Lastly, I love is their efforts to retain biodiversity. There was a beautiful package of wildflower seeds included in the package.

I have a ton of bumblebees near my home and I always let the weeds get a bit high in one section of my yard so they will flower and feed the bees. I sprinkled the wildflower seeds in the lower portion of my yard and I will update this post with a picture once they start to bloom!

Native Seed Package

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in trying CBD oil, I highly recommend trying the Jimbo and Jules products.

These handcrafted products are extremely well made, smell amazing, are very potent. You are not only getting organic CBD, but also an array of well-thought out essential oil blends.

If I was to provide an analogy of how satisfying it was to use them, I would compare the experience to eating a made-from-scratch-from-your-own-garden meal paired with a lovely glass of wine with someone you love.

These products smell and feel fresh and are unlike any commercial CBD products I have tried in the past.