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I have hesitated to write about the Coronavirus Pandemic because there is so much to unpack and so much noise about it. This post is going to be my thoughts.

That is it.

Just my thoughts as a 10 year veteran critical care nurse, mother, and human who has lived through this extraordinary time in world history.

I never paid much attention to the news or politics my entire life. My justification was everything is always negative and never really affected me personally so why get all fussy about it.

Then in, March of 2020, we had our beloved family visiting us here in Virginia.

I can’t remember exactly how we were informed by the authorities that there was a “pandemic,” but somehow we found out and my sister-in-law was considering cutting their trip short just in case.

I had a flashback to a speech given by my professor in microbiology class.

He told us about a virus called the bird flu. This was supposedly an extremely deadly chicken virus which was very close to mutating to also infect humans. If the virus made one more evolutionary change he exclaimed, “it would be the end of the human race as we know it.”

He literally stated those words and went on to say we don’t have the medical technology to handle something like that.

My entire life I believed in the power of God and healing, by His stripes. Nonetheless, I called my mom and told her how close we were to destruction. That was in 2007.

Propaganda is powerful. It can quickly unwind common sense, or at least it did for me in that instance.

My fears quickly faded when nothing happened.

Fast forward to 2020.

We had traveled to Philly the weekend before the pandemic was declared in the United States. I will never forget that trip because it was the last time our society acted normally. I actually documented it in a video if you want to check it out.

I’m not the best cinematographer, but this video now means the world to me because it was the last time I was completely asleep to the evil that reigns over this world.

You should know that it was never common to test people for an illness in which they presented no symptoms.

In my entire career as a nurse, I have only run labs on people who presented with symptoms. Something like abnormal vital signs or level of consciousness would have to be present for a person to be tested for infections.

Even when a patient presented with a fever, we would rarely do a flu nasal swab. I probably did 5 my entire 10 year career.

The majority of the time we took blood cultures for bacterial infections and started broad spectrum antibiotics.

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Suddenly the protocols seemed to change, and healthy, non-symptomatic individuals were being encouraged to go get tested for a disease they had no idea if they even have, in order to obtain permission to visit loved ones.

I left working in the hospital in 2019 to raise my beautiful babies. During this pandemic, I can’t speak to the narrative that was being given to the hospital workers. I experienced this as an ordinary citizen, which allowed me to think clearly.

Why in the world are you going to get tested when you don’t feel sick?

I asked this to my parents because they were charged with caring for my elderly grandmother and were getting tested every time they were worried they had been exposed.

We never did this before in the history of medicine. Why now?

I was pregnant therefore immunocompromised the entire pandemic, never got tested, never wore a mask, never got sick.

To be completely honest with you, I felt like we were being scammed right from the get go.

It wasn’t that I doubted there was a virus. We now know that it was a weaponized virus made from a lab in Wuhan, China.

I believe that virus did indeed cause a lot of people to become very sick and some die, just as the flu does every single year but you never hear about it.

(I took care of a beautiful 35 year old mother in 2018 when I worked in CICU who died from the flu virus. These things do sadly happen)

It was the way the authorities acted about it that I thought was a scam.

To shut down the whole world?

To encourage healthy people wearing cloth over their nose and mouth and then go back and forth on whether or not that actually works? (It doesn’t)

To the constant state of fear being perpetually pushed by the news with their death count display?

To the fact-checking everything other than the mainstream opinion by the tech overlords?

To now (which seems like the main reason for the entire charade) the vaccine mandates?

The entire pandemic was based off of positive PCR tests, which have now been recalled. Italy just quietly changed their “death by covid” numbers from 130,468 to 3783.

The pandemic is propaganda but more than that it is a CRIME ON HUMANITY.

Someone(s) did this on purpose and had an agenda behind it. If you think this level of evil plotting is a conspiracy theory, here is the proof. The main players who financially benefitted from the pandemic had a pandemic simulation conference in October of 2019!

By not questioning this scamdemic, you could very likely experience collateral damage due to your own ignorance. If you want to know in depth details behind this madness, check out this masterfully put together documentary on the whole thing.

Then see what Dr. Mercola, who now can’t keep his articles published on his website due to being harassed and threatened bodily harm by the Pharma Cartel, has to say about who is really behind this whole thing.

You can download the pdf of his article here. He only keeps new articles up for 48 hours and then takes them down because he fears for his life.

It’s time for all of humanity to push back and end this whole thing. Get in the fight!

The 15 days to slow the spread is now 3 jabs to be able to earn a living.

I have had my own opinions on vaccine for a while now. To sum it up, they are garbage. Complete and total trash.

But what we are dealing with now isn’t a vaccine, it is a bioweapon causing irrefutable harm. And now they want 5-year-olds to take it.

If anyone thinks that this new way of thinking is EVER going to go away without global noncompliance and holding Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and Big Pharma accountable in a Nuremburg 2.0 trial, you’re still living in the matrix. It’s time to wake up before it’s too late.

I don’t know why this happened in my lifetime. The diabolical plan to takeover the world, depopulate us with a poison jab, and destroy the resistance from every institution in our society.

I can tell you that I would rather be the one to experience this heartache than my children.

I would rather be the one to stand up and say, NO MORE, and suffer the consequences than now than kick the can to my children.

The scamdemic is about the Great Reset. We the people, have grown too many to control.

Yes, this is a dystopian nightmare of biblical proportion. We kicked God out of our culture and started normalizing immorality. What did we think was going to happen?

If you don’t want to become a slave class then it’s time to get off the couch, turn off Netflix, and start spending ACTUAL TIME helping out humanity.

I believe we the people will win against the Satan-worshipers if we put our knees back on the ground and our hands together. That’s step-one and the most important.

Psalms 37:25 I have been young and now am old; yet never have I seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.

This is our mantra. God is with us.

Get involved locally!

There are many ways you can push back against the Great Reset scamdemic.

  1. Prepare for illnesses, which is not limited to covid, so you don’t live in fear. I always keep extra vitamin C, zinc, and quercetin around the house.
  2. Refuse to wear a mask. Even in medical establishments I make them ask me to put it on. There needs to be pushback from the public on this one because there is no reason we should all be parading around wearing face diapers that specifically say ON THE BOX that it does NOT protect against covid.
  3. Shop local as much as possible. I know this is a hard one and I am definitely not perfect, but the more we keep our money circulating among ourselves, the less we are involved in the central bankers corrupt economic system. That will help us keep our sovereignty. (I personally buy all my meat and dairy from local farmers.)
  4. Start contacting your elected officials and demand an end to the vaccine mandates.
  5. Check out a Freedom Keepers chapter for your state. The even have a Military Freedom Keepers chapter. Here is a link to the Virginia Freedom Keepers chapter as an example.
  6. Speak up for truth and freedom in any way possible. I recently got a mailer from my alma mater and looked at the graduating class from 2021
How very sad that these beautiful new nursing graduates have to look back on their class picture and have half their faces covered up. They are actually wearing orange gloves! This is incredibly pathetic!

Well, I decided not to just sit in disgust and then put it in the recycling bin. I decided to contact the school and start the ripple.

7. Go to freedom rallies.

8. Vote for pro-freedom candidates. Get involved in the fight for election integrity. The globalists have captured our government which is why they are the ones colluding with corporations and we are now living under fascist tyranny.

9. Mostly, get back to God. I mean in every way possible because we are in the spiritual war of a century. Pray, tithe, and fellowship with other believers. I stopped watching anything put out by Satanic media. It actually disgusts me now.

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I also stopped listening to a lot of secular music. I still have some of my favorite acoustic bands, but I have found myself loving some of the new Christian artists.

I sincerely try to surround myself and my family with the peace of love of God every single day and pray that he keeps us safe during this time.

Final Thoughts.

If this is the first time you have been introduced to these ideas, I likely didn’t do it justice. I know there are many out there who sincerely believe the propaganda fear.

I wish that I could be more sensitive in the way I relay my opinions. It is probably one of the reasons I waited until now to address this topic formally on my blog.

I wanted to wait until I had all the facts before making any statements on it. I have actually had time to cool off and I am still pissed.

More and more facts are coming out everyday which have only solidified my originally feelings that this was a scam with something far more nefarious behind it.

I hope you find this post. I hope it sparks you to be apart of the resistance.

Feel free to comment and disagree with me but if you do, please back your opinions up with actual facts and not just regurgitated propaganda.

God bless you and your family. Don’t get the jab.