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Wouldn’t it be amazing to have beautiful skin without spending a fortune on confusing creams? In this post, we will take an in depth look at real natural beauty tips that actually improve the appearance of your face.

You will be delighted a how few simple changes in your lifestyle will make an astounding improvement in your complextion.

I used to take one step in Sephora and feel so overwhelmed.

A long time ago, I wasted a painful amount of money chasing the dream of having Beyonce’s skin. I am embarrassed to omit it, but I even tried Botox.

Part on my personal commitment to a healthy lifestyle included taking a hard look at the ingredients in my skincare regimen.

I was slathering on creams laced with endocrine-disrupting chemicals and honestly, my skin didn’t look that much better.

Nowadays, I am finally free from the skin regimen rat race and perfectly satisfied with my skin.

By following these simple natural beauty tips, you too can transform your face from a frustrating out-of-control mess, to a healthy, vibrant organ that will stand the test of time.

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Natural Beauty Tips to Improve the Appearance of Your Face


1. Improve your diet

Your diet will ultimately affect the appearance of your skin.

I like to think about my face as the cover of a novel. It’s the first glimpse of what’s inside the story.

Sadly, there are so many things stacked against us when it comes to aging skin. Even our cells’ normal daily metabolism can produce enough free radicals to visibly damage our skin. (source)

That’s why the older we get the older we look!

That old saying that beauty is on the inside is actually completely relevant to improving the appearance of your face.

According to a 2012 literature review, antioxidants such as carotenoids, tocophenols and flavonoids, as well as vitamins (A, C, D and E), essential omega-3-fatty acids, protein, and lactobacilli are capable of promoting skin health and beauty by mitigating oxidative stress.

So how does one improve their diet to promote beauty from within?

For starters, try your best to eat something raw everyday. Cooking food degrades some of the nutritional value and we need to get as much bang for our buck when it comes to eating fruit and veggies.

Also, increase your intake of lean free-range meats, wild-caught fish, and omega-rich oils like avocados, olives, and almonds which will promote healing and skin suppleness.

By no means can I give fully comprehensive and personalized nutritional advice in a few paragraphs, and by the world’s standards, I’m not qualified to do so anyway.

But a good piece of advice to live by is grow as much of your own food as possible and if you can’t do that, shop from local organic farmer whenever you can .

This will ensure your food is at the peak nutritional value when you eat it.

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Further on in this post we discuss some superfood supplements that can make a big difference in the longevity of skin health.

Suzi from Start a Mom Blog is living proof of the medicinal power that clean food has on natural beauty. Where would you be in a month if you improved your eating habits today?

2. Get more sleep

Have you ever noticed when you don’t sleep well you wake up with dark circles, puffy eyes, and an overall haggard appearance?

I hate when that happens!

To optimize the appearance of your skin, shoot for 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

If you are like me and have a busy mind and difficulty sleeping, I have 4 tips to pass along that work well for me…

Sleep Better Tips

  • Turn off electronics an hour before bed and stop looking at screens (I know this is a tough one!)
  • Take a CBD oil supplement
  • If CBD oil doesn’t work, try melatonin
  • Do something that relaxes you like reading, stretching, or having sex with your partner

3. Get enough Vitamin D

As we age, our skin loses it’s ability to synthesize Vitamin D. Since Vitamin D plays an important role in skin health and the prevention of premature aging, we need to make sure we are getting enough. (source)

There are multiple ways to ensure you get enough Vitamin D. One is to get in the sun everyday and although we shouldn’t be afraid of some sun, too much can cause damage to our skin.

If you are light-skinned you could aim to get about 20 minutes of unprotected sunshine on your skin each day.

If you have a dark complextion, you may need to spend more time in the sun to adequately synthesize Vitamin D.

The important part is to avoid burning. Once you start to feel that tingly warm feeling on your skin, it’s time to get out of the direct sunlight!

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You can also get Vitamin D in your diet by eating more fish especially cod liver oil, eggs, and mushrooms.

If you are very concerned about your vitamin D levels, you can ask your provider to check your levels at your yearly checkup because this is usually covered by insurance.

4. Add Curcumin to Smoothies

Curcumin is a polyphenol compound in the spice Tumeric that is powerfully anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory and can help reduce the oxidative stress on the skin and slow the progression of aging. (source)

Curcumin by itself has low bioavailability but it increases by 2000% when combined with black pepper.

When it comes to the path of least resistance, adding superfoods to your diet can greatly improve your natural beauty outcome with not much extra effort.

We sprinkle curcumin on our morning eggs and other savory dishes as well as freshly crushed black pepper.

5. Dry Brush your Face

Every month or so, our skin does a complete turnover pushing old dead cells to the surface of your skin. Exfoliating your skin is a super satisfying way to prevent your pours from getting clogged up with those dead skin cells.

Instead of paying a fortune for a facial, you can try dry brushing. This technique involves using soft bristles to brush away the dead skin cells and reveals the healthier layer underneath.

I started dry brushing my skin every morning about 3 months ago and I am amazed at the improvement! My skin tone is more even and brighter, and I rarely get breakouts.

 6. Exercise

Exercise strengthens your cardovascular system and helps to increase the circulation to your skin which provides more oxygen and nutrients to those cells.

Sweating also rids the body of toxins quicker so they don’t build up in the surface of your skin.

You don’t have to be a crossfitter to enjoy the skin benefits of exercise. Even a brisk 30 minute walk a few days a week is better than nothing at all.

7. Combine Vitamin C and E Topically

Vitamin C & E are important vitamins that protect your skin from the sun, help build collagen, and slow the aging process down. They actually work better together!

When used combined these vitamins are more effective in protecting you from UV radiation. (source)

This will be especially important if you already have a sunburn because supplementing can decrease the inflammation and oxidative stress. (source)

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I apply both vitamin C and vitamin E topically every morning after I dry brush by mixing a small amount of Rosehip oil (high in vitamin C) and Sweet Almond oil (high in vitamin E) in my palms, rubbing my hands together, and then applying to my face.

8. Drink Green Tea

Instead of an afternoon coffee, try switching to a cup of green tea to improve your skin’s health!

Green tea is good for your skin because it contains polyphenolic constituents. That fancy word means you get some improvement in skin elasticity and a decrease in inflammation. 

9. Pre & Probiotics

Probiotics are microorganisms that live with humans in harmony, each benefitting from each other. Our microbiome is directly responsible for turning some of our genes on and off. We need as many good bacteria colonizing our gut as we can get!

Our bodies are actually made up of more microorganisms that our own cells, outnumbering us ten to one.

It is super important to supplement with probiotics at this stage in the game. Our earth has been sprayed with so many chemical pesicides that around 40% of the earth’s microbiome has been destroyed.

This means there is less diversification of the bacteria that colonize us and we aren’t getting the chemical input from those bacterial microRNA.

This is a topic I take great interest in and science is discovering so much more everyday.

There is a clear connection between having a healthy microbiome and radiant skin.

My favorite natural beauty product lately is the AO Mist by Mother Dirt. This is a probiotic spray for your skin. I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference after I started using this product.

I also supplement my family orally with liquid probiotics made from organic, non-GMO sugar molasses. I love this product because the bacteria arrive at your door still consuming their “prebiotic” food, so you get all of the benefits of their metabolism instead of a dried up capsule that is likely filled with dead bacteria.

10. Wear less makeup

Don’t be afraid to let your real skin show. Constantly covering up with gobs of makeup creates two big problems if you are really trying to acheive natural beauty:

1. Your pours will be clogged which prevents your skin from getting oxygen.

2. You aren’t allowing your self-confidence to build by loving yourself as you are. It really does take practice to accept your natural reflection when you are used to being made up.

Some make-up isn’t all bad but less is more!

These days I wear an organic cover-up for under my eyes, some vegan blush, and cruelty-free mascara when I want to look fancy. Most of the time, I just go naked!

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What to expect from these natural beauty tips


I want to set the stage for realistic expectations from your natural beauty routine.

You will see the best results over time when you commit to incorporating each of these opportunities to your lifestyle.

Will the wrinkles you already have go away overnight? Unfortunetly no.

There are tons of great products out there made by dermatologists and advanced technologies to tap into if you want a dramatic before and after.

These natural beauty suggestions are about prevention and improving your skin’s health over the long run.

As time goes on, many of those synthetic products that gave a quick fix will stop working and you will be left with the repercussions of applying endocrine-disrupting chemicals to your skin for decades.

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You can tell when 40 and 50 year old celebrities start injecting fillers and botox. It looks unnatural and isn’t appealing.

I think our first-world society needs to accept the beauty and wisdom in age and rock it just like we did that little bikini in our 20’s.

I am in my 30’s and I have little crows feet starting to form, a few brown spots, and know that my glory days where my skin is suppel and tight will not last forever.

Healthy is ALWAYS beautiful. Loving yourself is ALWAYS beautiful. Accepting the aging process and knowing there is another perfect life to live after this one helps me when I am feeling down with my appearance.

I hope you love these tips and start feeling great about your skin! Tell me about your results in the comments!