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When it comes to outfitting little people, it’s better to choose quality over quantity. And by quality I mean fabric woven from organic plants. Our son’s closet has never been bursting with endless options but it is full of organic baby clothes from ethical children’s clothing brands.

The thing is, you really don’t need twenty outfits in each clothing size. When you buy a few well-made versatile garments, it makes organic kid’s clothes much more affordable (and keeps your attic less cluttered).

In this post we will look at some of the top brands to shop for organic baby clothing.

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Why Buy Organic Clothing for your Kids?

Growing Practices: Cotton makes up a very large portion of the world’s agriculture. Conventional cotton is also one of the world’s dirtiest crops. It is genetically modified, sprayed with tens of millions of pounds of insecticides, requires an insane amount of water, and is put through many chemical processes during manufacturing to turn it into fabric. (source) Organic cotton is better for the environment because it is grown without chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Better for your health: Our skin is our largest organ and can readily absorb chemicals through the skin which then have access to our bloodstream. (source) The health benefits of organic clothing is not just from avoiding direct contact with chemicals. You are voting with your dollars. If more consumers demand organically grown textiles then it will results in less contamination in our food and water supply.

If this information is new to you then please check out my beginner’s guide to non toxic living which is filled with tips on how to avoid chemicals in your daily life!

Organic Children’s Clothing Brands

1. Burt’s Bees Baby

Burt’s Bees offers GOTS certified organic cotton clothes for babies and toddlers that are free from chemical flame retardants. You can purchase Burt’s Bees organic baby clothes at Target if you want to feel the fabric before buying. Burt’s Bees now makes matching family jammies too which are super cute!

2. Moon and Back 

Moon and Back is an Amazon exclusive brand that offers clothing for babies and toddlers made from OEKO-TEX certified organic fabric. I love that they use zippers in their baby clothes and they also make matching family jammies.

3. Touched by Nature

Touched by Nature makes organic kids clothing along with bibs, receiving blankets, changing pad covers, pillow cases, and sheets.

4. Finn and Emma

Finn and Emma is one of my favorite organic baby clothes brands because their material is so thick and soft. They have tons of adorable style options that change frequently so definitely check out their website.

5. Owlivia

Owlivia is an adorable baby clothing brand that offers soft neutrals made from GOTS certified organic cotton.

6. Parade Organics

Parade Organics has some adorable ethical baby clothes for those who have a more colorful style.

7. Little Lentil Clothing

blue toddler dress made from organic cotton

Little Lentil is a small business started by a strong mama with a big heart for sustainability! When your child outgrows Little Lentil’s adorable children’s clothes, you can send them back to the company for 15% off your next order and they will be responsibly recycled or repurposed!

Little Lentil also has a capsule wardrobe program. When you buy a 6-piece wardrobe you get 20% off and a 10-piece wardrobe best 25% off!

8. Colored Organics

You will be supporting another excellent small business with this buy. Colored Organics cares about the planet, your child’s health, and the workers that make the clothing. They promise fair hours, fair wages, and no child labor. Not to mention their adorable seasonal collections!

9. Cat and Dogma

Cat and Dogma makes funky style kids and baby clothes with super soft organic fabric. They also make organic women’s robes!

10. Earthy

Earthy has some adorable bright colored prints on 100% organic cotton!

11. Lamaze

Lamaze makes adorable organic baby clothes with fun prints. The material is great quality and the price is even better. This adorable romper is only $7!

How to make organic children’s clothes more affordable

Now I don’t want you to think for one second mom that I am this rich lady over here. Organic clothing is hard on my budget too! Most of us moms want the very best for our kids but we are limited to our income so how do you make organic children’s clothes affordable?

Our family cannot afford to buy every single clothing item in organic cotton so we pick the most important pieces:

  • Underwear
  • Undershirts
  • Pajamas

I make sure our underwear is made of organic cotton because it comes directly into contact with the sensitive family jewels!

Pajamas are important because you are laying on and heating up these fabrics while you sleep for 8 hours a day. Sleep is supposed to be a healing time for the body and mind, not a time to process pesticides.

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Often I buy a pack of white organic onesies and undershirts, and put the same one on my son day after day. I cover them up with a second-hand conventional shirt and allow that one to get dirty but it isn’t directly on his skin.

Another thing I did was skip baby sizes. Instead of buying newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6, etc. I would skip a size and his clothing would be a bit tight or a bit loose so I only had to buy a handful of versatile items.

I also shop holiday sales every year, especially around cyber Monday and stock up on future sizes.

Lastly, if you just can’t afford organic clothes for your kids, shop second hand. Although you cannot fully remove flame retardants and other chemicals on clothing, some does come out in the laundry. (source) When you buy second-hand, someone else has done that work for you!

Sweet Pea and Teddy is an online consignment boutique that sometimes has organic kids clothes in stock if you don’t have a local store.

I also inspect the tags of everything because clothing will be labeled with a warning if it hasn’t been sprayed with flame retardants so even if you can’t buy organic, you can still minimize chemicals by being a savvy consumer.

That sums it up for this organic baby clothes guide! Thanks for reading and please let me know your favorite baby brands.