The Ultimate Organic Shopping Guide for Naturally Minded Moms


Over the past decade, it came to my attention that you can’t just walk into a grocery store’s produce section, grab a handful of vegetables, and think you are eating for your health.

Sadly, much of our food has been tainted with genetic manipulation to withstand gobs of Roundup sprayed all over it. Even products that are labeled “all-natural” can sneak highly processed ingredients like maltodextrin into our food.

It took me decades to learn about nutrition and how to read food labels. Now I realize that food isn’t the only culprit that is deteriorating our health. The products we put on our skin matter too as do the items we use on a day to day basis.

I am more savvy now and look for things that are non-toxic, manufactured sustainably, organically grown, and not genetically modified.

I will also share some of my favorite household products. We have slowly replaced the products we stock for our home. My goal as a mom is to purchase products that are kind to our bodies while also kind to the earth (hello sunscreen killing coral reefs!)

I know how frustrating it can be to try to find non-toxic products that work for your family’s needs. There are so many options.

I have tried hundreds of organic products and landed on a few that I absolutely love.

If you are transitioning to a cleaner lifestyle, I hope I can simplify the process for you.

Be sure to check out my organic baby registry for a complete guide on all things related to caring for a new baby if you are a new mama!

Happy shopping!

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Non-toxic Baby Items

The items recommended in this section include: 

✅   Car seats and strollers that are not sprayed with flame retardant 

✅   Non-toxic toys

✅   Safe feeding products

✅   Clothes made from organic cotton

✅   Diapering essentials with clean ingredients

✅   Crib mattress and changing pads that are not sprayed with chemical flame retardants


Car Seats & Strollers



Non-Toxic Toys



Baby Wearing, Boppies, and Loungers



Feeding Fssentials



Organic Textiles



Diapering Essentials



Safer Sleeping for the whole family


You spend a third of your life asleep. If you make any non-toxic purchases for your family, an organic mattress will greatly improve your health.

Conventional mattresses are made with toxic substances and sprayed with flame retardants.

I love the company Naturepedic for mattresses for the whole family. They are a family owned business and have excellent customer service.

Check out the full line of Naturepedic organic sleep products.

Non-toxic Cleaning Supplies


Cleaning supplies are the some of the most toxic substances in your home.

Do you know you can do more for your family’s health with a bottle of Thieves™ cleaning concentrate then all the cleaning supplies at Walmart combined?

For the most part, we use plain water to wipe down surfaces. When we need something a little stronger than water, we use the follow supplies:



Non-Toxic, Organic Cosmetics and Beauty


I make a lot of my own beauty products from organic food and essential oils. You can check out my library of recipes here.

When I don’t have time to DIY, here are some clean beauty products that are safe and chemical-free.





You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your guts unless you have digestive issues. But did you know that digestion and your gut microbiome is one the biggest players when it comes to health?

According to the Human Microbiome Project, our bodies are made up of more bacteria than our own cells! A ratio of 10:1.

Sadly, much of the earth’s microbiome has been destroyed by chemical pesticides and fertilizers. In addition, most of us don’t have time for a backyard garden.

It’s imperitive that we supplement our gut with probiotics.

I love the company Entegro. Their probiotics come in an organic, non-GMO liquid medium, still eating and flourishing in the environment they were grown.

You can checkout their amazing probiotic product Flourish here and start experiencing gut healing.

Better health for your family starts with a better life for the animals they eat. Animals should be allowed to roam free on the grasslands and bask in the sunshine instead of couped up inside filthy barns.

We love using the Butcher Box monthly meat delivery because of the high quality grassfed met and convenience of delivery.

Now you don’t have search for a legitimate cow share program to get access to high quality and affordable meat!