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Being a stay at home mom has powerful benefits to both moms and children that cannot be replicated in a setting outside the home.

That doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of the most under-appreciated jobs in the world and often, stay at home moms can feel depressed and alone.

With only about 28% of mothers choosing to stay at home, let’s look at some upstanding reasons to be a stay at home mom so we can remind ourselves that this choice, albeit difficult at times, is definitely worth making.


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Many of us don’t go into motherhood knowing we want to be stay at home moms but kind of fall into it due to logistical reasons.

Depending on what city you live, it can actually be more expensive to work than stay at home due to rising daycare costs.

If you previously spent time working before you had kids, it is tempting to feel like you have lost your unique purpose and miss practicing your other talents.

On the other end of the spectrum, some moms so badly yearn to be a stay at home mom but don’t have the support of their partner.

I was one of the lucky ones I guess.

I wanted to be a stay at home mom, worked toward making it financially possible, and finally pulled the trigger to be a full time stay at home mom in April of 2019.

Whether you love it or hate it, being a stay at home mom is one of the most important jobs you will ever have but in reality it won’t last very long.

It is important to hear these words from another adult because there are those days where life with the littles is rough around the edges and you can forget why you signed up to do this in the first place.

I think I have a day like this at least once a week!

So without further ado, let’s get reinvigorated for stay-at-home-mom-life by  evaluating the benefits to both us and our children.

10 Benefits of Being a Stay at Home Mom


1. Bonding

Do you remember the first few days home with your new baby, their intoxicating smells, sleepy snuggles, and the warmth from holding them skin to skin?

The days of snuggling don’t have to end.

Studies show that physical touch can prevent developmental delays, lower blood pressure, and minimize stress.

Being a stay at home mom ensures your child is getting a loving touch in a variety of situations which helps them cope and deal with real life more efficiently.

2. Better nutrition

The fact of the matter is, most daycares and schools are feeding our kids less than optimal nutrition. (source)

Nutrition is everything when it comes to raising healthy kids because their cells are turning over at a faster rate and therefore need more micronutrients to prevent problems.

Being a stay at home mom allows you to be in control of what your kids eat, especially when they are really little with less than developed immune systems.

3. Peaceful mornings

I’m sure you have had those days where you have a million things to get together and feel so rushed as you try to prep for the day and get out the door.

Now add in a couple kids and trying to be somewhere on time can be a total nightmare. There has been plenty of times where I literally thought to myself, no job is worth this process.

When you are a stay at home mom you can get yourself together leisurely, allow your kids some free play in the sunshine, and sip your coffee slowly.

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4. There is someone around to well-manage the finances

When both spouses are working, taking care of the kids monopolizes the remainder of whatever freetime is left. This often leads to conveniences that cost the big bucks.

Our family definitely spent more money when both of us were working.

Now that I am at home, I have time to monitor our financial intake and output.

We are saving more than ever before and are now in a lower tax bracket.

5. No more trying to coordinate two schedules for vacations

When we were a two income family, I often worked nights, weekends, and holidays as a nurse which was pretty much the only time my husband could take off work.

This made planning a vacation darn-near impossible. When you are a stay at home mom, your partner could surprise you with a random 3 day weekend which could lead to an impromptu adventure.

No more missing out on opportunites due to conflicting schedules.

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6. Lots of new friendships

When you take your child to the aquarium, park, or indoor play place on a week day, you are very likely to run into other moms that are in the same situation as you.

All the other’s tend to go on the weekends.

You really can make some lifelong friends from the temporary stay-at-home-mom portion of your life and foster a support system to make things easier.

7. Your kids or more likely to thrive at school

A 2009 study demonstrated that children with a parent at home were more likely to be successful at school and score higher GPAs.

One of the biggest ways stay at home moms helps their child in educational endeavours is by interacting one on one to work through problems and being an emotional support.

8. Boys are less likely to be aggressive

The daycare environment does provide wonderful opportunities to learn social skills, play, and interact with peers. However studies show that children who attend regular daycare have increased amounts of the stress hormone cortisol.

For boys this causes an increase in aggressive behaviors and for girls it causes anxiety.

Young children are sensitive and needs change and flow throughout the day.

I know some days my son can thrive all day without having emotional break downs whereas others he tends to need a lot more quiet time and one on one interaction. It is much harder to provide individualized care in a public setting where providers are stretched thin.

9. You have more time to evaluate what is truly important

Most stay at home moms aren’t sitting around at the nail spa all day.

I have minimal down time each day yet somehow I find time to reflect upon where I was, where I am, and where I want to go.

There is something about having a previous life and then making an abrupt change to raise a new life that caused me to have a more depth in my perspective.

I used to think I wanted to chase a highly competetive career whereas now that seems like the least important or desireble path I could take.

I realized that keeping things simple and having less really allows me to get the most happiness out of life.

On the flip side, maybe you were one of those that wasn’t super aggressive to pursue your own dreams because you knew one day you would become a mom.

Now that you are one, having minimal free time has somehow lit a fire under your bum and nothing will stop you.

It’s in the quiet moments while breastfeeding, nap time, or walks with the stroller that I personally take the opportunity to really think about what is important which then dictates how I spend my time.

When I was working full time, I lived for days off and never really sat down to look at the big picture.

Now each and everyday I am intentional as to steer my ship where I wanted it to go.

10. You can reject what everyone else is doing and do your own thing

When I was in highschool, all I really wanted was for people to like me and to fit in.

Now that I am a mother I often find myself looking at what everyone else is doing, and going the exact opposite direction.

There is a quote by Warren Buffett that I love.

Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful”

I take a different position on some of the current health recommendations for my child.

I am able to freely practice alternative medicine with my child at home which has resulted in a very healthy little boy.

I may very likely chose to homeschool so that my kids can spend more time outdoors and less time in a classroom.

Maybe what’s important for your family is music or rock climbing?  As a stay at home mom you can put a lot of focus on specific talents.

One of the reasons I love being a stay at home mom is I am in control of our daily activities and what my kid learns, not a preset cirriculum.

Final Thoughts

Being a stay at home mom has plenty of benefits but there are also some downsides. All the statistics about being more likely to feel isolated, lonely, and depressed can be true.

I have personally had days where I feel like I want to pull my hair out and forgot the person I was before all of this.

But it isn’t like that everyday.

Motherhood does indeed change us in a way we will never return from.

However I would have never turned into the callibar of person I am today if I hadn’t had become a mother and overall, I love being a stay at home mom.

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If you are on the fence about it, why not try it out for a bit and see if you like it. Especially if you aren’t so fond of your job already.

There is no rulebook here. You can be a stay at home mom for the younger years, and then go find a job that lights you up inside.

You have one chance to raise and spend time with your babies. They grow up fast and then you can do whatever you want with your time.

What do you think of stay at home mom life? Leave me a comment below!