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Normally, I like write about a day in a life as a mom, natural health philosphy, and holistic family life. In 2020, I found myself go into a hiatus from putting out much content because I was in complete and utter shock at world events.

My heart was so heavy and my mind so confused, I almost felt like giving up on this little nook I have carved out on the world wide web. 

I quit social media, and literally lost my health from the stress of my awakening. I have been on a journey of healing, connection with God, and a deeper understanding of the world ever since.

Now that I had time to reflect, study, and pray, I think I understand what we need to do going forward to better the future of our nation and therefore, all of humanity.

Will the Real American Heros Please STAND UP?

How to Become a Freedom Fighter

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Freedom Around the Globe is Under Seige

I used to be a rather secular-thinking person. I was under the illusion that the world is a safe place where my freedom was granted automatically because of 1776. I thought I could go about my business with my main focus on what I wanted to acheive in this life. I got along well by praying every once in a while and making time to study the bible a few times a year out of duty but not really desire.

Life was easy going which made it hard to see the spiritual battle being waged upon the morally lukewarm citizens of the world.

Then I I woke up.

They shut down the entire world economy for a virus with a 99% survival rate. (It turns out they never actually used the scientific method to prove the existance of viruses.)

We pay property tax, sales tax, gas tax, income tax, state tax, and personal property tax. It’s no wonder there are fewer stay at home moms these days!

There is porn in our school libraries and racism being taught in our classrooms.

There’s an ongoing genecide in the form of mandatory “safe and effective” vaccines. This has been proven, we know who is behind it, and they are not only walking free but they are gazillionaires.

Our genetically modified food supply is being burned to the ground. Over 20 major US food manufacturing plants have had fires in the past year and a half.

The push for ‘green energy’ means transforming our civilization into a third world country. Ya know, because you can’t generate enough electricity without fossil fuels!

Our elections are actually selections and no one of authority seems to want to do anything about it even though the majority of voters believe cheating affects the outcome.

The largest portion of the American economy is controled by a small group of Satan-worshipping globalist, who want to replace humaity with AI, are covertly trying to kill us.

This but scratches the surface of the problems we face.

We are in an unprecedented battle for the future of humanity.

How Did We Get Here?

I’m currently reading a book called The Great Controversy and it is providing me with the perspective I needed to understand how we got here.

The reality is since the first sin, life on earth has never been peaceful for long.

Battles wage on.

The creation had a few moments in time where God’s people were protected and thus able to live and thrive, usually due to the believing and sacrifice of a few very Godly men:

Noah was a man after God’s own heart and he literally saved the human race and entire animal kingdom from extinction despite being laughed at and scorned. Even his own family didn’t believe in what he was doing as he labored for a hundred years to build the arc.

Yet when the floods came and went, Noah’s family got the privilige to reinhabit the earth without nepharious competition for a period time.

After a deadly decree from a corrupt Pharroh, one brave mother hid her son in a basket on the river and put all her trust in God to protect him from harm. He, Moses, went on to liberate the children of Isreal from bondage and from them we were given the greatest gift of all, the bloodline of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

The children of Isreal lived and thrived in the promise land for hundreds of years. Their ancient civilization is the only other example we have of true liberty in history.

Christ was born and for the year of his ministry, the people of earth witnessed the power of God in the flesh, as he went about spreading God’s message of peace, working miracles, and healing the sick.

In the years following Christ’s ascention, the freest civilization to ever walk the planet fell into depravity until it ultimately collapsed, documented by Jeremiah. This marked the first step into over a 1000 years of darkness where the people has no access to the word of God.

Through God’s grace, the knowledges of the Scriptures began to work their way back to the consciousness of humanity but not without great cost. Those who propogated the teachings of Christ were jailed and brutally murdered.

Satan continued to ravage God’s inheritance for centuries by supressing the truth of our redemption through corrupt world leaders.

It took generation after generation of martyrs for the Gospel to spread. It was through the tedious work of the faithful that the Bible was translated into many tongues and spread villiage by village, until the message of Christ had reached all corners of the earth.

As I read the gruesome accounts of the lengths the Roman Catholic Church would go to suppress the truth of the bible across Europe, I could not help but feel like we are in the midst of this ideology picking up where it left off.

America is in a Great Decline

It wasn’t until the establishment of the United States Constitution that God’s poeple were able to once again realize freedom on this planet. A just government for the people, by the people.

Benjamin Franklin wrote:

Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.

Nowadays I like to watch movies from the 90s, which seems to be the last decade American media was mostly wholesome. Movies like The Sandlot where there are scenes of 4th of July picnics and songs like America, The Beautiful still played in the film.

Oh what it must have been like to live in those days, post World War 2 where the economy was thriving, people had large families and small farms, and were truly proud to be an American.

Now we get a WHOLE MONTH to celebrate sexual promiscuity and mutilating your genetials but only ONE DAY to memorialize the men and women who fought and died in the name of God, Country, and Freedom. My heart breaks into peices as I even think about it.

The immorality push we are seeing in our country is a decades old propoganda campaign being deployed by our enemies to intentially destroy us.

The backbone of what kept America a shining light of freedom for the world was the Judeo-Christian values from which it was founded and upheld generation after generation.

We raised the bar on what is possible for human rights and the world followed our lead.

When I was a teenager, I became lost. I was drawn in to the catchy beats by Dr. Dre and Eminem which literally had lyrics like “and be proud to be out of control and out of your mind and one more time, say it again, how’s it go?”

Now I can see how words like these were the very spiritual weapons of Satans realm to push our society into madness.

Satan’s tactics are changing but you can still see through them if you think hard enough.

From what I have gathered in my studies of the post-Christ era, it seemed that at first Satan was able to hide the truth of Christ sacrifice from the people preventing generations from being saved. He was quite successful at it.

Once the word got out and he could no longer control the message, he switched to more vicious tactics: descemination of fear and brutality.

His minions ruled with an iron fist, exterminating anyone who longed for the truth about redemption and to search the Scriptures for themselves.

Yet Satan continued to fail and the message of Christ continued to spread.

America was established by people seeking religious liberty and from there, freedom took hold in the world. God’s People thrived and openly worshiped without fear of retribution.

Satan, the great deciever, once again had to switch his methods of influence now that there was a bible for sale in every store and a church on every corner.

He thus began his march towards secularism, and I believe that is where we are today (albiet I see that ending soon heading in the direction of brutality if we don’t course correct.)

Life became so easy.

We were given celebrities to idolize, endless options for secular-focused entertainment, and plethera of educational opportunities in the doctrines of man.

For so many decades, common people really were bankrolled with “the things of this world.”

Satan spent a millenia using pressure to control the people and failed, but he has been very successful at using pleasure to draw the people into accepting immorality and secularism.

Christians have allowed political correctness to strip God out of our institutions to be replaced with the absolute insanity we are seeing now.

These are dark days of gender ideology and our military is weaker than ever before.

America, You MUST wake Up and Remember Who you Are!

There are still good people who live in America but many want to go along to get along.

Well I am here to tell you that THAT does NOT cut it anymore.

There is a global march toward communism and we are almost at the finish line. If this travesty is going to stop it will take everyday Americans who are willing to get back on their knees and give their life over to God.

Because of the gift we were given from our forefathers, we have a responsibility to hold fast to the framework that resulted in religious liberty.

There are still generations that must be won for God. No one knows the hour that our Saviour will come back for us, so we must press on winning hearts and minds for God’s kingdom.

I don’t know about you but I would prefer to do that from a comfortable first world nation of law and order instead of a communist hell-hole.

The Blueprint

We can win back what we lost if we go back to the standard of truth set out for us in the bible.

Romans 12:2   And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

We have to start on an individual level by radically changing our lives. One by one we will set the example of what is good and wholesome, people will see the fruit of that, and follow along.

So what specifically can you reject from this world and accept from God.

Reject their genetically modified science religion food. Grow your own at home using permaculture methods.

Reject their music. Don’t buy their merch. Learn how to make things yourself. Buy from fellow patriots. Network with your neighbors and learn to barter with them.

Courageously reject being politically correct. Remember Jesus flipped tables! Speak the truth in love but don’t feel sorry if the truth hurts someone’s feelings. People have to wake up and the process isn’t fun but that isn’t your fault so don’t let it be a reason to stop you from speaking.

Yes I believe we should be good caretakers of our country by paying attention to politics, especially local ones. If you have the talent and means to run for an office, by all means we badly need people of moral fortitude in positions of leadership.

Will the Real American Heroes Please Stand Up

I think as a society we need to change what we call a hero.

A nurse, who works in a corrupt medical system which advocates for drugging and ventilating patients to death is not a hero. I used to be one of these people and I am ashamed that I didn’t see how depressing the situation was.

A soldier who goes overseas and commits autrocities to potentially innocent people isn’t a hero.

A police officer who forgets their oath to the constitution and enforces inhumane, unconstitutional laws on peaceful citizens is not a hero.

A hero is a person who stands firm on the LAWS OF GOD in the midst of a crooked and corrupt society. A hero is a person who spends time getting to know their Heavenly Father, the Author of this beautiful creation, and lives their life in service of Him. Even if you do it alone.

I hope that these words will inspire you to become an American hero and we can take back our country by becoming virtuous stewards of our own lives. 

2 Chronicals 7:14   If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.